Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Someone hijacked my camera

and took pictures of a ridiculously sleepy kitty. It was Scott.

april2011 006
She makes nests in the blankets by herself...perfect little caves

april2011 009
This is what Scott likes to call "circle toes" because she's so curled up her toes touch and make a circle

april2011 010

In other news...I am in LOVE with this afghan!! I am most definitely going to start on one of my own soon! I think it's genius to crochet the circles together as you go, rather than sew them up at the end because that is horrible to do!

This is my egg baby:

Egg baby!
"Hooray for the sun!!"

I received it for Christmas. It's finally warm enough (or so I thought...it snowed off and on all day) for this little guy to start growing. It's supposed to grow some sort of grass, and is kitty-safe to eat.

I just downloaded The 100 Thing Challenge from the public library (onto Cruz reader, yeah!) and am really excited to start reading it. The challenge is to live simply. I do not think I could ever consolidate to just 100 things so I'm interested to see how this guy (Dave is his name) does it. Even so, the idea of not consuming so much is appealing. But a girl does need earrings.

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