Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello, hello, hello!!!


Happy Fall!!

Last weekend I had the good fortune to have Friday off and we spent the time out of town. In Spokane, Washington to be exact. It is only about three hours away; far enough to feel like you're getting away but close enough that you're not driving all day! I also like the time change :)

We truly did not do much while in Spokane, which was awesome. On Saturday, we walked around  Riverfront Park. It was so beautiful.


A lot of the attractions were closed for the season, but we were able to take the Sky Ride...a gondola over the falls.

spokane weekend '14
Top left clockwise: 1. Pavilion skeleton 2. LUNCH! 3. Scott on the Sky Ride 4. The view of the falls from the Sky Ride

I was able to knit a lot too :) I brought three projects (because that's what we knitters do...way over pack in case of emergency!) but mainly worked on a new sock that I'm calling Patronus:

sock knitting and this book
and yes, I loved Throne of Glass!

The yarn is Knit Picks Hawthorne and I'm using all of the colorways. When the yarn first came out, I had joined a co-op on Ravelry to receive a small sampling of the colors. It was really difficult to think of a pattern because I wanted to use all of the colorways. The balls are only about 4.5 grams, so just a little shy of what I need for my sock yarn blanket's squares. I decided on Blender Socks by Heather Sebastian. Here is where I'm at on them:

Patronus socks
One finished!

It's a really fun knit! Sometimes I use two colors and alternate rows by carrying the unused yarn up, and sometimes I juggle three colors. I think three colors makes a more blended appearance, but it's a pain to keep everything untangled! I admit that the OCD part of me hates this project because the rows are pretty much random. Sometimes I will plan it, like once I knit an inverse set: 1 row C1, 3 rows C2, 2 rows C1, 2 rows C2, 3 rows C1, 1 row C2. But for the most part I just grab a strand and knit it.

Patronus socks

I used a Fish Lips Kiss Heel in one solid color.

Patronus socks

Even though each yarn is carried up, there are still a lot of ends to weave in! I think there are twenty colorways, so each sock will have ten different colors...and twenty ends. Towards the end I started using a Russian join...I think the second sock will have many more Russian joins! (don't know what I was thinking)

I also finished each sock from last post, Fall and the Crazy Zauberball:



Fall Socks received a FLK heel...


while Crazy Zauberball received an afterthought heel. Now to finish their mates.

and I finished Brie's socks!!

A black and white photo of @littlecreatable's socks!!! Pattern is Faux Cables by Jen Lucas. Just need to find some treats to send with and then it will be mailed, Brie!!! It's killing me that I can't share the color!!!! Pair 18/20 #socksforfriends

I'm dying to show off the super amazing color, but I'm going to wait until she receives them. The pattern is Faux Cables by Jen Lucas. I've knit them once before, exactly per pattern, but this time I continued the faux cable pattern onto the back of the leg. I thought Brie might like that better.

I think I mentioned last time that Brie and I have been making hand knits for each other. I already received the item she knit me and I absolutely love it!!!


I'm not sure what pattern it is, but it has such amazing texture and patterning! It's been cool enough to wear it already :)

This past week I knit a lot on Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander. I'm using Madelinetosh Merino Light in Black Velvet that I purchased while on summer vacation.

Nurmiluntu shawl

I am just about to start the first lace portion!! And I've ordered some yarn to make one for my mom :)

That is it from me.

Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend that includes plenty of knitting x