Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock Creek

On Saturday, Scott and I spent some time exploring Rock Creek and surrounding areas. It was probably the one day this weekend that was actually warm and sunny.

may2011 035
Turah valley

may2011 042
I love these trees!

I almost positive this is a pine that loses its needles each winter. Trouble is, I'm not sure what they are called. I'm pretty sure they are Tamaracks (according to Wikipedia, they are called Tamarack Larch, which I thought was two separate trees).

All the rivers are so high! We've been comparing them the last few weekends when we've gone out of town. We found a neat scenic trail around Rock Creek, and it was FLOODED.

may2011 053

may2011 055

may2011 060
The water was so high at one point that it carried grass over the boardwalk

may2011 063
The grass looks like feathers, doesn't it?

may2011 082

may2011 069
Mud trail on boardwalk

Driving further into Rock Creek we found a death bridge:

may2011 087

I am scared to bejeezus of heights, but it's really hard to pass up something like this.

may2011 099

Scott took some hilarious (not) photos of me inching my way over it. Each step made the bridge bounce and the middle board on the bridge was seriously warping. Why do movies always have bridge planks break??! That was the only thing I could think about.

may2011 097
What we found on the other side

may2011 098

may2011 091

may2011 101
Look at this goof

may2011 105

It was such a fun weekend, with Bozeman on Friday, hiking/ goofing off on Saturday, and relaxing on Sunday. Hope you all had an awesome weekend too!

Monday, May 30, 2011

FO: Garter Scarf

Garter Scarf

2011 Knit Challenge: 20 Knit, 40 to go

JoAnn's Sensations Lodge knit on US 13 needles
CO 30 stitches
Used entire skein
No fringe

FO: Garter-Ridged Hat

Garter-Ridged Hat

2011 Knit Challenge: 19 knit, 41 to go

Pattern came from 60 Quick Knits
Patons Classic Wool in Brown and Rosewood

Fits well, but I don't like the Rosewood colorway. It seems that the color would show best in a smaller item. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shop Hop Round Up

Geez Louise, Bozeman was so NEAT! I think the last time I visited Bozeman was for a football game in high school, and I definitely didn't have the chance to look around or even appreciate the town.

may2011 001

The yarn stores alone, oh my, were incredible. The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place and Stix Yarn Co. have amazing space dedicated for yarn and books, as well as for classes and knit/crochet groups. And the ladies inside were so nice! I have never seen a yarn store like these ones and I wish we had one in Missoula!

may2011 003
The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place

At the Yarn Shop, I bought two skeins: one Patons Canadiana, which I've never heard of, and one Cascade 128 because I liked the color (which is lime green).

may2011 039
This was made in Canada

may2011 040
Free yarn!

And for participating in the Shop Hop, the Yarn Shop gave me a skein of cotton yarn! It will be perfect for socks, as soon as I learn how to knit them.

After the Yarn Shop, we walked to Stix Yarn Co

may2011 015

and saw this:

may2011 004
Yarn Bombing!

may2011 006

may2011 007

may2011 008

may2011 010

may2011 011
This is my favorite. It has an aquatic feeling to it

may2011 013

Stix is my favorite yarn store so far! The yarn bombing alone makes it number one in my book. But, the store was very neat inside as well. It's two stories underground; one of those levels dedicated primarily for knitting gatherings with couches. I am in love with this store. AND they have a yarn swap, where customers bring yarn, books, needles to sell and receive credit for their sale. We saw a bunch of sock yarn, which tempted me, but I didn't buy any. I did buy a few Patons pattern books (from the 80s, and have those baggy, sack-like sweaters in it...hehehe) and .......

via knitpicks

ohmygosh!!! I've eyed this book online and in stores for awhile but was still intimidated by the whole sock thing to buy it. But when I saw it in the yarn swap at Stix, it was a sign. Here goes nothing.

I heart Bozeman!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and we're going to Bozeman to finish off the Western Yarn Shop Hop. And if it doesn't rain too much, we may camp a bit. Scott has been Ebay-happy lately and purchased a new tent, flint things to start fires, a compact camp stove, sleeping pads, and three harmonicas. If he isn't able to try out his new equipment soon, I'm afraid what will happen to him. But I am excited to finish the Shop Hop and to see the LYS in Bozeman. From their websites, the stores look beautiful.

I finished the Garter-Ridged Hat but still need to take photos. I realize I've knit a lot of hats lately, I think at least six in a row. At this rate, I'll be able to wear a different hat everyday this winter lol But you know what, I like knitting hats because there are so many different ways to knit one. I like to practice Fair Isle and play with decreasing at the top. And I'm able to knit and read, which I absolutely LOVE to do! I'm a little over halfway through HP and the Deathly Hallows but I totally forgot how many people die in this book. The story is compelling yet depressing.

I'm still itching to knit a pair of socks, but am intimidated by the skinny needles and heel-turning. I also hope to knit a sweater sometime this summer. I will take the plunge sooner or later, don't you fret. I have a feeling once I knit a pair of socks and a sweater, I'll be invincible ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

april2011 001
Roof stairs

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


may2011 054

She's recently taken to this chair by the front window. It supports her two favorite pastimes: napping and watching people go by.

We're planning another road trip to finish up the Yarn Shop Hop! We are going to Bozeman this weekend for their LYS: Stix Yarn Co and The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place. I hope the weather is nice! I'm excited to get out of Missoula again (if only for a short trip) and to have completed the Shop Hop (not there yet, but it's hard not to be excited)!

I just checked out Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders from the library yesterday and it is really neat! There is something compelling about sock yarn, maybe it's because I haven't knit with it before, or that it's so thin. I'm not sure, but I'm excited to try some patterns from the book.

I didn't climb the M yesterday because I was afraid it would rain. It didn't start until the evening, and it is definitely raining today. So I guess that means I'll spend the day knitting and reading again, oh darn =) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

FO: Lilac and mint hat

may2011 055

2011 Knit Challenge: 18 Knit, 42 to go!

Originally I planned to knit a second slouchy hat in mint, but once I worked the ribbing, I thought it would be boring with just the one color. I decided to work a design with the purple yarn, which is good because I always liked the two colors together.

may2011 053

Both yarn is Cascade 220 from my birthday. I think Cascade 220 is slightly thinner than Patons Classic Wool. I am not sure how I feel about this.

I woke early this morning, around 5:30, for no apparent reason. But I'm capitalizing on the extra time by drinking coffee, listening to the Morning Edition on NPR, and writing this post. What's in store for the rest of the day? Lots of errands and maybe a hike up the M. Also, I finished HP and the Order of the Phoenix. Leisure reading is the best.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shop Hoppin'

I heard about the Western Montana Yarn Shop Hop a few weeks ago on Ravelry and absolutely knew I wanted to do it! It's only going on through the month of May, and you have to visit six of the participating yarn stores and receive a stamp. There is a chance to win prizes when you turn your stamps in, but really, I just want to stretch my legs. And, it's a nice way to see and support different local yarn stores.

I've already gone to the two in Missoula: Loopy and Joseph's Coat.

shophop 005
Downtown Helena

We both had a day off yesterday so we drove to Helena! There are two LYS there, Y'arnings and Mountain Spun. I had never been to downtown Helena and it was so neat! I love how their walking mall is completely by foot only (no cars!) and has tables, chairs, and sculptures. It's definitely tourist-based, but it still looks nice. There weren't very many people around so it was relaxing to just walk around.

shophop 002

Y'arnings wasn't open, but the owner left a nice table with information and the stamp out.

shophop 001

I love this yarn over the doorway to Y'arnings!

shophop 027

Mountain Spun was beautiful! A really neat space. I bought some Cascade 220 orange yarn there, for the rainbow scarf I have planned in my head. I also received a free pattern from the owner, for being a part of the Shop Hop! It's a bolero-type shrug, and I'm pretty excited to knit it!

After we had reached our yarn destinations, we walked around the other stores. We bought three harmonicas at a cute store called Lasso the Moon, as well as a fuzzy thing for Berny.

shophop 026

shophop 021

shophop 024
creepy doll...I would have thrown it away too

shophop 017

shophop 014

shophop 004

shophop 008

shophop 010

shophop 011

shophop 015

shophop 019

And homage to my favorite old women.