Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ups and downs, but mostly ups :)

Goodness gracious! I will try to not go so long without posting!!

Since my last post I have finished two pairs of socks:


Surprise! It's Hermione's Everyday socks (my third pair this year! I never get tired of this pattern) The yarn is Liberty's Yarn Jabbersocky in the colorway Agatha. I purchased it from a friend's Rav destash. I really love the colors and the sort-of-stripes! I found the yarn to be a tad splitty though.


This pair was a sock knitting record for me, I knit them in just five days! They were for a Harry Potter Sock KAL (please join us!!) :) doesn't that sound like the best thing ever? The pattern is Petunia Dursley's Double Eyelet Socks by Erica Lueder. I wanted to knit them after seeing Andi's pair (she is the best enabler!) It is a great pattern and despite the eyelets, very easy to memorize. I wrote about the yarn in the last post; it did not take long for me to cast on :) I loooove this pair of socks ♥ 

Right after finishing I cast on a new pair of Christmas socks, but I wasn't feeling the yarn and pattern together. And since then, I have been working back and forth between Hue Shift Afghan and Pendulum... one day they will both be finished.

I knit this little guy for my book club's holiday party:


what luck that it snowed the day I finished him :) I used Rebecca Danger's basic peanut body and improvised his accessories. It was our second year having a gift swap and it was so fun! We each made a gift and played White Elephant (while eating lots of yummy food). There was some dirty gift stealing but all good fun :)

On another note, I consider myself a very lucky person. I try to be good and do good, and like to think that it always comes back to me. But I know bad things happen all the time, regardless.

and that was the last day she decided to park on the street

I woke up last week to this. It makes me sad because the person didn't leave a note, not even just to say they were sorry. I am so thankful that my car is still safe to drive (I had it looked at), and with my parents' help, I can replace this one at some point.

But you know what? I am just so happy to have my loved ones. I have been missing my grandma so much lately... it just helps put the important things at the top. I have made many wonderful relationships this year and have found some lifelong friends xx

And so, to end on an up, a tree of bunny nuggets:

Another batch #bunnynuggets

Merry Christmas, my friends!! ♥ ♥ ♥