Sunday, March 29, 2015

catch up!!!

Oh my.

Holy Toledo.

I am so sorry for being absent for so long! It wasn't intentional, but life just got busy.

And also partly, I usually don't feel like blogging if I don't have nice photos to share. We've been having very typical spring weather; one day it's 60 degrees and sunny, and the next brings clouds and wind! I just wasn't in the photographing mood. But this weekend I've consciously been thinking about this post, and I snatched the opportunity this evening to photograph some finished socks.

First up, Scott has another pair for his little sock collection.

Scott's socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Hawthorne in Mt. Tabor
Needles: 2.25 mm

Scott's socks

Even Scott's socks receive a modified Eye of Partridge heel :)

Scott's socks

The second pair I finished:

Crazy Zauberball!!!

a pretty pair of Crazy Zauberball socks for me!

Yarn: Crazy Zauberball
Pattern: just a simple 64 stitch vanilla
Needles: 2.25 mm

Crazy Zauberball!!!

My friend, Dag, sent me this ball of yarn that she purchased in Germany! I know you can purchase Crazy Zauberball here, but it seems way more special that it was actually bought there, like local yarn :)

Crazy Zauberball!!!

And just recently, I finished this pair for March:

March socks, Zwerger Garn Opal

Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal
Pattern: simple 64 stitch vanilla
Needles: 2.25 mm

This pair totally knit itself!! Of course, it didn't hurt that I was also reading Harry Potter while knitting them!

March socks, Zwerger Garn Opal

And the socks in progress:

So....the second ball of this yarn has way skinnier stripes! #mskstashdownkal

This is my first pair of Jaywalkers! (Pattern by Grumperina) I am loooooooooving this pattern with self-striping yarn! So much fun! I am also using contrasting yarn for cuff, heel, and toe. BUT look how teeny the stripes are in the second sock! I bought this yarn from a friend's destash, and one ball was a partial and didn't have a ball band. I assumed they were exactly the same yarn because the colors are the same. I would never have thought a yarn company would make two different sized stripe sequences, but that's what it looks like happened. So crazy, huh? But I really like them and will keep going. ....... ok..... the teeny tiny stripes kind of drive me nuts, mainly because they are only TWO rows wide!! It makes me manic! As a pair, I think they will be really cool though.

And the second pair on the needles:

Gnome Acres in Camping with Hippos

My first Gnome Acres skein! The colorway is called Camping with Hippos, hehe! I really like how it's pooling. These colors just make me really happy :) (they're a bit more vibrant in person)

All of these socks were/are knit from "old" stash! I'm trying to knit 2500 yards from stash for My Sister's Knitter Stash Down KAL. The main rule is that the yarn has to have been stashed prior to 2015. So some of this yarn was purchased towards the end of 2014, but some of it has been in my stash for a few years. It always feels fantastic to knit with old stash, to remember why you loved it enough to buy it. Right now, I've knit 1180 yards for the KAL. If I don't make it, that's ok :)

I've been meaning to post the books I've read so far! I just remembered because I'm currently listening to As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride. Anyone obsessed with the Princess Bride should definitely check out this book! It's mainly narrated by Cary Elwes (swoon) and many more who were involved speak also. It's just.... so good. I love behind-the-scenes and trivia about productions though. I mean, I watched all appendices multiplemultiplemultiple times of the Lord of the Rings films.

So, books. I will make another 2015 tab at the top of this blog (I did that one year) and list all of the books, but here are some of my favorites so far:
  • Yes, Please - Amy Poehler. This was an audio book; it was fabulous listening to her!
  • Stardust and The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman. You can never ever go wrong with Neil Gaiman; both audio books
  • The Silver Star - Jeannette Walls. I didn't expect to like this one so much, but I really adore it
  • The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins. READ this one!!! the hype is real
  • To All the Boys I Loved Before - Jenny Han. A really, really sweet YA book
  • Rules of Prey - John Sandford. Scary thriller! I couldn't put it down

What are your favorite books read in 2015 so far? I would love to know.

ok!! That's all from me for now! Thank you so so much for reading. It does mean a lot to me. I hope everybody has a wonderful fabulous spectacular week!!! xx