Saturday, June 28, 2014

Book Club Baby Shower

Last week our book club gave a baby shower for not one, not two, but three of our expecting mamas! (that is almost half of our total membership!! Someone jokingly asked, What do you guys read??)

Baby shower!!

We spent the evening at a park eating, laughing, playing games. The weather held, though it sprinkled a little on us.

The super adorable cake Abbey made:

Baby shower!!

Since we are a book club, our gifts to the mamas were children's books!

Baby shower!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

FO: Hiking socks

It feels so good to have a finished object! On the pendulum of knitting, I am on the part that swings towards finishing all of the WIPs. Have to keep going while I have the momentum!


I just wanted a simple wool sock to wear with hiking shoes. The yarn is Patons Kroy and I enjoyed using it and I think it will hold up well. These were solely purse socks and knit on them while out and about.

Can't wait to try them out :) These make twelve pairs this year. I am going to change my original goal to knit thirteen pairs... maybe I will shoot for twenty pairs?

I cast on Echo Flowers shawl:


this is my first real lace project. I know they always say lace looks like spaghetti before blocking, but I am seriously worried! I am worried because my yarn is single ply, and wonder if the shawl would hold up better in a 2-ply. That photo represents three hours of knitting! One good thing is the pattern is becoming easier now that I'm on the third pattern repeat. What do you guys think? I will keep knitting on it (unless someone says knitting single ply lace shawls are the worst idea ever!), but any comments are appreciated.

I did make a little progress on Sue's socks:


I also started reading Orange is the New Black since finishing the second season (it's also our book club's next book). In rare history, the book is not as good as the tv show! Character development is nowhere as in depth in the book. I realize they want to make good tv and probably "enhanced" a lot of characters, but it makes the book dull. Oh, and almost all of the characters' names are changed! So that is confusing.

We made these Chia Seed Oatmeal cookies yesterday and they are delicious!

chia seed oatmeal cookies!

They have no added sugar, and don't use flour or eggs. But honestly, the selling point are the chia seeds! I really wanted to try them. The cookies are moist, chewy, and banana-y :) I definitely recommend them!

Today looks so bright and sunny, I am excited for the day! Hope you have all been enjoying your summer weekend xx

Saturday, June 14, 2014

always socks

Hi friends!

I have been such a polygamous knitter lately, it's kind of driving me nuts because I haven't finished anything! I should add, while I usually have several projects going at the same time, this feels a little out of control. eep!


Dad's socks have been receiving more knitting time. They won't be finished in time for Father's Day, but I think I will give them to him anyway. I really want him to try them on so I know how much longer to knit them.


Look at the cute Belgian waffle stitch marker I received from Brie!! Cute stitch markers definitely help motivate me in that sea of navy blue :)


I also have been knitting on Sue's socks. I think I was still on the leg the last time I posted about them. I have turned the heels on both and have knit a little bit of feet :)


An eye of partridge heel is still the prettiest, in my opinion!!


I finished one hiking sock! Even though they are short, they are sure taking a long time to knit ;) The cuff and the leg are both one inch long, and then I started the heel flap. The yarn is Patons Kroy but doesn't it look like handspun? 


In my polygamist state, I cast on a new sock. It's Sunday Swing by Kristel Nyberg in Juno Fibre Arts Buffy Sock, colorway Lilac Pool. This is a BFL yarn and super squishy! One thing I have noticed about knitting with BFL (the other time I knit with BFL was with the String Theory Christmas socks) is that while it stretches very well, it doesn't really sproing back, know what I mean? I started this sock 64 stitches on 2.25 mm needles, which is my usual method, but they were too loose. I started over, 64 stitches on 2.00 mm needles and it fits much better. 


I really love the pattern! I am ready to start the heel :)

One last project: LACE!


It will be an Echo Flower shawl (isn't it pretty?) It's for my friend's boss, who was looking for a light something to wear over her dress at her son's wedding. This will be my first full lace project, with lace yarn, and I am a little apprehensive but also very excited about it. My deadline is July 29. eek!

I didn't take a progress photo of Mrs. Weasley's blanket but I finished the first quadrant (36 squares) and have knit about four squares of the second quadrant. I've received a bunch of mini skeins from Instagram friends and am slowly working them in!

My creation

little lovelies!!

oh, that little mouse? The sweet Dani made and sent it for Berny!!


(I posted a video of Berny going crazy for it on Instagram! it was so cute. But then she crashed hard, so I took a photo, of course)

Scott is enjoying his new toy, a PS4 !! He traded in an old PS3 plus some games, and that credit was applied towards the purchase. I think it was a great deal. But while he is playing with his toy, I think I will knit!! I haven't been able to knit as much this week because my coworker is gone, which means I've been working full days. I will tell you what, this weekend has been so blissful and leisurely!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends, and Happy Father's Day!!!