Sunday, April 26, 2015

XO socks

Hi friends! This weekend has been perfect for recuperation, there has been lots of knitting (crochet too, eek!) and reading. Today was especially cozy for staying indoors because it rained and was cloudy.


This morning I finished a pair of socks that have been on the needles since February.

XO / birthday socks

Pattern: Allons-y!! by Jennifer Thomassian
Yarn: The Little Mount Yarn Co in Chocolate Covered Cherry
Needles: 2.25 mm

XO / birthday socks

I follow Madeline of The Little Mount Yarn Co on Instagram, and when she posted a photo of this yarn I snatched it right away! The yarn is gorgeous and was so nice to knit with!!

The pattern is by another Instagram friend, Jennifer. The X O pattern might be a little lost in the yarn, and it especially doesn't photograph well, but I love the pairing! I love that this pair of socks reminds me of two crafty and inspiring friends :)

XO / birthday socks

I cast on two new pairs, one I will share next time because I'm not very far along yet! A photo of the yarn though:

Grass stains!! best colorway name ever
A Fine Fish Yarns

and the second pair:

Stanley Shunpike :)

Pattern: Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner
Yarn: Knit and Fiber Creation in colorway Stanley Shunpike (!!!!!)
Needles: 2.25 mm

This yarn came with a small skein of gray for contrast heels and toes, which I love. I have been seeing a lot of knitters creating contrast heels and I just love it! These pairs by Andi (she also convinced me to cast on a pair of Blueberry Waffles after a recent post) and Dani, in particular!

Alright... I've done something recently that I haven't done in years.



And it's all Dani's fault!!! I mean, just look at her project page.

The pattern is Weekender Blanket by Sandra Paul. The designer used DK weight, but Dani is using sock scraps so I had to, too :)  I love these teeny hexis!!! Utterly addictive. And they join as you go, which is such a time saver.

I hope everybody has a fabulous week!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good morning!

Hi friends! I hope you all are having fantastic spring weather! We've been celebrating the season by planting flowers (marigolds, zinnias, gladiolas) and hiking. Maybe it was too early for this area to plant seeds directly outside, but it feels like this weather will last forever!


I finished two pairs of socks recently. The first pair:

Gnome Acre socks

Pattern: Basic 64 stitch vanilla pattern with modified eye of partridge heel
Yarn: Gnome Acres in colorway Camping with Hippos
Needles: 2.25 mm

Gnome Acre socks

This pair was incredibly enjoyable because the colors are so fun.

Gnome Acre socks

The second pair was just as fun to knit.


Pattern: Jaywalkers by Grumperina
Yarn: Regia and scrap Crazy Zauberball (for contrast cuff, heel, toe)
Needles: 2.5 mm for the leg and heel, 2.25 mm for the foot and toe

This pair is crazy!! In the last post I mentioned how I didn't realize I had two different colorways, and therefore two different stripe patterns!


This is a great pattern and I will knit another pair. If you haven't knit this pattern and are considering it, keep in mind that it makes a tight fabric. I went up one needle size than what I normally knit socks on.

Those were pairs six and seven for the year. My goal is eighteen pairs and I think I should be able to reach it without too much trouble :)

I cast on Meagheen Ryan's Tax Day Mystery Anklet on April 15 because I felt it was the perfect treat for having taxes filed. And also because it's a mystery anklet... cute!! I finished the cuff and heel, and am just starting the patterning of the foot. They are going slower than I'd thought; I think it's the needles. The only 2.00 mm I have are Addi Lace needles, and there's something about brass needles I don't like...I'm going to pick up different 2.00 mm needles, and next time I'll share a photo of my anklets! Hopefully they'll be farther along by then.

Last week I found a Montana Brewery Passport at a local book store, and we received our first stamp this weekend:


After we hiked, we stopped in Lolo for a beer :) it's funny, the brewery was built about a year ago at the base of the hill Scott grew up on! Missoula has quite a few breweries, we've been to most of them already, but it will be fun to go back and have our passport stamped. And it will be fun to take day trips to out-of-town breweries. What we really need now is an Oregon brewery passport...I think we've visited just as many in Oregon as we have here! (we're planning a trip there for September, eek!!!)

I hope everybody has a fabulous week! I just realized it's already Wednesday, holy smokes...