Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May!

On this day, many years ago, a filly was born. The mare belonged to my dad's friend, and she was staying with us. The filly was such a sweet girl with the cutest face. Her name was Shiloh. I always think about her on May First; I wonder where she is now.

On another note, I finished my first project to be auctioned at my friend's fundraiser! It's taking place sometime this month; I still have an afghan to finish and I'd like to knit a few more things.

Meet Geet the Bunny:

Meet Geet the Bunny! He's going to be auctioned at my friend's fundraiser party. #rabbit #bunny #knitting #monster

This is what I've been knitting...hopefully there will be a finished product tonight after work! #knitting #bunny #rabbit

He even has a fluffy tail!

The yarn is Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Full o' Sheep in Clementine. It's the first time I've used it and it is fantastic yarn! Great stitch definition and it feels nice :) Generally knitting the arms and legs are the worst part for me, but with this yarn they were a breeze! (especially when compared to the two acrylic Baldwins I just finished!)

The sun is out and I must knit*.
Happy Tuesday, everybody!

*The mountains are calling and I must go. -John Muir


  1. I think your bunny looks like a tough guy! Love that tail.

  2. he made me smile~ love the color & oh that tail!


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