Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Baldwins!

They are finally finished!

Monsters are finally finished!!! #knitting #monster

I really struggled through this. I've mentioned my dislike for the yarn already and that was truly the reason this project took as long as it did. Even with nickel-plated tips, the acrylic yarn still squeaked (which I hate!) and was difficult to knit with. Maybe it was working the yarn on US 6 needles that made such a tough fabric, but it's like iron!

But I couldn't be happier now that they are finished! And it felt so great to knit something that wasn't a monster, and not feel guilty!

Finished Baldwin bodies. The pink one has some unfortunate pooling, but hopefully the little girl won't mind :) #monster #knitting
Just the bodies

This one is for a two year old girl

and this is for her six year old sister!

I really do hope the girls enjoy these monsters! Even though I disliked the yarn, I still knit these with the girls in mind, and I hope a little of the love shows.