Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little behind...

I have so many things to tell you!

1. I had taken a step away from the computer for awhile to watch the Olympics and compete in the Ravellenics:

#ravellenicgames socks progress!
Sunberry Waffle Socks for the event Sockput

Pattern: Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner
Yarn: Felici Sport in Sunny Day

2. Scott and I went camping at Diamond Lake:

Camp site at Diamond lake
A very roomy camp site! a small creek ran on the left and it was wonderful

Inside tent
our tent, without the rain fly on yet. My sleeping bag is the orange and white one, and I LOVE it! So squishy and warm. It's a Kelty Down 0 degrees.

Driving to Three Lakes Peak
gorgeous roads!

Driving to Three Lakes Peak, about 7500 feet elevation! We hiked to two of the lakes

Unused road
One of the roads hadn't been cleared away for some time! We encountered several downed trees, and eventually had to turn around when a HUGE tree was in the road :)

3. I joined a stitch marker swap (on Ravelry) for the month of July, and received my package!

I was so spoiled!!!

stitch markers!
the stitch marker theme for July was SUMMER!!


I couldn't resist taking a photo of the ice cream bowls my partner sent me, IN USE! I love them, they are fun, and I love ice cream! woo hoo!

And let's end this post with a suggestive tomato from the garden:

Look at this tomato! It's either a proboscis or a male organ...
O.o !!!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. beautiful photos...
    i love camping. a good sleeping bag is crucial to the enjoyment.

    1. Thank you! I agree about the sleeping bag, it is so much nicer sleeping in a good one. I was using an old, heavy one that was really lumpy and had lost a lot of it's warmth. This one is miles nicer!

  2. The socks are super fun so far. I am wicked jealous of your camping trip,it looks so pretty. Yeah to fun swaps!

    1. Thank you Andi! I hope we can camp more this year; it's so nice to leave town sometimes.


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