Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lessons in steam and sock knitting

The other day I made tea before work. Even though I was running late, I stopped to admire the steam rising from my mug.

The tea string says, "When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen."

I knew I was in a hurry, but still I took time to enjoy this moment. I believe this to be the secret of life.

It has made work that much easier, because let's face it, work is stress. I focus on the delights: puppy feet, happy dogs, cats with spots on their noses; and try not to hold onto negative moments. This practice seems easy enough but it has taken me several years to reach this point.

Part of my daily pleasures is knitting. I've found that if I don't knit for at least thirty minutes every day, I am more grumpy and short-tempered (Scott asked me today if I wanted a "Crabby" Patty, har har).

Sweet Socks

And look! I'm on my second pair. I started a pair for Scott this morning also. Once I've made more progress on his, I'll take a photo. Knitting is just a delight.

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