Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All's quiet on the home front

Pinterest has proven itself to be a humongous time suck... but I'm finding very awesome craft ideas (including some great bows and bags made out of magazines and newspapers, which I will definitely use this Christmas!) , recipes, and cute pictures.

I'm working on a birthday present for my brother and I'm almost finished. I am also (since yesterday) finishing my second Hippo...poor girl has been armless for weeks.

I've taken to using an old Knitpicks box to store my WIPs. It's handy to have them all in the same place, except they are starting to overflow. I feel like I really need to get a handle on my projects, as far as organization. I like those big, plastic bins with lids but they smell funny. And I really need a bucket/box/bin with a lid or else Berny finds her way in.

Today is my First Friday!! We're closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving :) but open again on Friday (which will be my Second Friday). I am definitely looking forward to some days off. Hopefully I will use the extra time to finish some more presents! 

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