Thursday, January 13, 2011

Path of Least Resistance, Taking I am

Path to lookout station, Lolo, MT. I think there is something Olympic about it, though

Morning wake up at noon rather than 3 pm, a small improvement, I'd say. Last night I started a hat (purchased some 16" circulars size 8). It's a beautiful bluish greenish darkish color, and white too. I'm Fair Isle-ing hearts too. The hearts I graphed out this morning. Everything was going smoothly, until I realized I will run out of my bluish yarn. For about two hours I contemplated what to do... knit more white hearts and use less blue yarn? Make the hat half blue half white?

I've decided to buy more bluish yarn. Except Scott, in a horrific fit of cleaning, tossed the yarn labels out without me knowing and I haven't a clue the brand or anything. I could say that.

But really.......... I threw them away one day because I was tired of cluttering the coffee table and probably said to myself as I threw them away, "I'll remember the brand. Besides, the labels don't even have a color name (they don't)." That led me to search the internet. At first I thought it was Cascade but zOMG there are so many different types!! Scanning the list (no pictures unless you individually click on each name) I didn't offright recognize any (none that I have purchased recently, that is). So I went to the LYS website where I bought the yarn, Loopy. They have an entire list of all the brands they carry but no specifics nor pictures. But Berroco jumped out at me.

SOOO I googled their website and lo and behold, I believe that is the brand I purchased! (it was during Christmas time, after all. A girl forgets). Unfortunately (or fortunately, since I've decided I love Berroco) they have a zillion different types of yarn. I'm almost positive I have Cuzco, except I don't remember buying a yarn with superfine alpaca in it... you would think I'd remember that, right? I mean, it is just about the softest fiber out there.

And that is how I spent the first three hours of my morning. I've decided I most likely need more Cuzco yarn, but will return to Loopy on Monday to scope it out. And buy more.

Oh, and their stats for Cuzco yarn recommends using 10 US/ 8 mm needles, but I'm using 8 US!!! gah. While I was knitting last night and earlier this morning, I has this feeling that a larger needle size would be nicer. Shit. That's what I get for ignoring gauge.

Double Oh. Berny vommed on the stairs. I vaguely remember at one point this morning that she meowed almost frantically. Now I know that she was saying, "Mom! Mom! I ralphed on the stairs and it went through the steps since these are spiral stairs and don't have backs and it dripped into dad's slippers. Mom!"

Stepping barefoot in cat vomit is always something I've feared. Especially since I often walk down the hall and down/up the steps in the dark. Before today, I always considered it a silly fear; what cat barfs on stairs? so it the fear always hid deep in my brain. But now, today, I have a legit reason for that fear. Not so much a fear anymore though. I'm never taking my slippers off.

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