Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's on my plate

Man oh man, my plate is full!

In my last post I wrote about Hugo, the Couch Potato Monster. Hugo (or as Scott likes to call him: Hubert) is nearly finished, I just need to knit and fill his arms. It turns out I needed THREE skeins of yarn in total. I ran out of the main blue color twice, so I ended up using up some yarn that I had previously purchased. Now he is wearing a sweater. More on Hugo/ Hubert when he's finished. He is already stuffed with Polyfill (it took over TWO whole bags!!) and he is the comfiest, squishiest, most delightful pillow EVER!

Here is a picture of Berny for you all :) I think it needs higher contrast, or a black background. I know how to do neither of these.

Remember the hat I knit for my dad this Christmas? Well, one of his neighbors (and a longtime family friend) really liked it and put in an order for one! And she offered me money! This will be my first paying order :) and I am stoked. It is so exciting and I am thankful that she supports my craft! She sews beautiful quilted banner-like scenes so I know she understands the time and love that goes into crafts.

I have also signed up for a swap on Ravelry and am super excited for it! It's themed around Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, or Leap Day :) and with a real birthday this year, there was no way in heck I could pass this one up. My swap partner is awesome and we both love Harry Potter! I can't say much more about this now.

Next weekend I am going to Scott's brother's girlfriend's baby shower (whew!). For Christmas, I knit her a baby blanket and gave her some baby gowns. With the leftover yarn, I've decided to knit a baby hat and some booties. This will be my first time knitting baby accessories (besides afghans) so I am a little nervous about sizing and how little time I have. But they should knit up quickly since they're so little, right?

Let's see, I was also asked to review a yarn app for the iPhone recently, and am just finishing up my review! I will post the review here, so more on that later.

Gosh, I think that is all. Oh! The pair of socks I started for Scott in November are about halfway finished; I am at the gusset decrease. I would really like to finish them in time for Valentine's Day! If I do finish them in time, they will be the fastest socks I've knit so far! (well, that and my second pair :) )

Now all I need to do is make a knitting schedule and stick to it!

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