Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Yarn U app for the iPhone

Yarn U

**This review is sponsored by Mary Beth Klatt**

Yarns found in Mary Beth Klatt's app, Yarn U, include Berroco, Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Classic Elite Yarn, Noro, Cascade Yarns, as well as the Knitpicks line, just to name a handful. Yarn can be searched for by weight, manufacturer, fiber, and washability through the handy filter tool at the top of the screen, or by scrolling through the entire list. For each yarn listed, there is a picture and a brief informational section that includes manufacturer, yarn weight, stitch gauge, fiber content, and yardage, as well as pros and cons of that particular yarn.
This is not a complete yarn list nor is it static. Since first downloading Yarn U in December, I’ve noticed several changes in the app. For instance, the yarn list on the home screen is still alphabetized by yarn name, but now includes a brief description and the yarn manufacturer, which I find incredibly helpful. There are comment sections for users’ inputs for both yarns and app, and Mary Beth Klatt is constantly replying to messages. Many comments request a certain yarn to be added to the database and some comments are directed towards the app programming. I have no doubt that she reads every comment and sincerely considers them. 

Bottom line: Yarn U is a convenient and helpful app for knitters and crocheters who frequent local yarn stores or shop online for yarns, who want to know more about a certain yarn at a glance, and are handy with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod (and soon Android, as Mary Beth Klatt tells me).

To find more information on or to download Yarn U, visit the App Store

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