Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tonight is Scotch whiskey and a Psych marathon...doesn't get much better!

I have gotten such a great response to my 2014 sock list! It's really awesome hearing from others, and it sounds like there are quite a few who will be planning their own list :) that said...I have already changed February's pattern. At this moment (haha!), it is no longer True Love but


It is my first Crazy Zauberball and I LOVE it! The colors are amazing!! I am also knitting this pair one at a time, another first for me. The main reason for this choice is because I love how the yarn is already wound! If I knit them two at a time, I would have to rewind. Another reason is I have been very curious about what it feels like to knit just one sock by itself. And I'm enjoying it so much!!


There is some relief in reaching the end of a row and knowing I just turn and keep knitting, no second sock to worry about. One sock seems so much more portable too. I am not worried about having second sock syndrome...this yarn is so pretty and I am loving the mindless knitting.


I am still (slowly) working on the Weasley Homestead socks:


Last week I was just working on the heel flaps and now I am about two-three inches away from decreasing the toes:


My third WIP is a cross stitch project!


It is the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Once Upon a Time Sampler!!! eeeee! It is a year long mystery pattern, with a new part of the sampler released once a month! And it's fairy tale themed! ♥ ♥ ♥


I am not very far along, I have worked a little bit of the inner grids, and am now stitching the top part of the border. Then I will stitch January's little section and border! seriously so excited...I love fairy tales!

Last postI mentioned my second finished object of 2014, which is a Great Divide Shawl. Finally, photos!


Ravelry page
Yarn: madelinetosh dk in Robin's Egg and Black Currant
Needles: US 8
Modifications: none! well, I did run out of my main color during the final garter edge, so I finished knitting it with the contrast color.


I love this pattern! I love wearing this shawl! It is so cozy and squishy. Every time I wear it I receive compliments. love love love!

Enjoy your week, my friends!

ETA: flickr is changing some things, and for the past two posts when I shared a photo, you would see the iframe...and it was driving me nuts!!! I figured out how to post just the photo and not the iframe. Thanks for bearing with me!!  xx


  1. Oh, your skin's beautiful. I wish I had skin like you. The shawl is so you. It really suits you. I am <3-ing those Weasly socks. I like the little puff like texture. I can't wait to see more of your cross stitch. Its theme has me curious. Fun to see you having fun with Zauberball. I have a ball that's been sitting around for two years.

    1. ah thanks, Stefanie!

      the little puffs are simply created by the ribbing! super easy :) I will definitely be posting cross stitch progress. the frame for this month is Snow White! and I am loving the crazy zauberball!! it broke my yarn diet... lol

  2. And love your pixie. The layers are well defined and light and fluffy.

  3. The Monkey socks are great! During the Ravellenics, I'll knit the Pomatomus. Your shawlette is looking real good!

    1. I am so glad to hear that! Pomatomus are in my queue too! I haven't planned any Ravellenic knits yet...

  4. Oh your knitting looks amazing! I can't believe you've never knit socks one at a time. You inspired me to learn to knit Magic Loop and I want to learn how to knit socks two at a time. I'm nervous to turn the heel on magic loop. Maybe I'll ping you on ravelry and see if you have a tutorial you recommend.

    Your sock patterns are inspiring.

    Anyhow, I wound tosh dk last night for a Great Divide! I also have a ball of the zauberball I got in December, a very similar colorway. Sheesh!

    Fantastic knitting!

    1. LOL I know it sounds so silly, doesn't it? but I learned to knit socks by doing them two at a time and have done it that way since. Turning the heel on magic loop TAAT is not hard! are you knitting them cuff down or toe up?

      We are such yarn twins!!

  5. Where to begin? So very many beautiful projects! Love the zauberball socks... I have some of that yarn and you are making me want to cast on right now :) The other socks are delicate and pretty and look extremely cosy. I love them! I am doing the fairytale cross stitch too... just waiting for the fabric to come into the local stitchy shop... desperate to get started! (Oh and I had the same issue with flickr pics the other day... totally threw me until I finally figured it out :) Enjoy the weekend! xxx


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