Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I have been meaning to blog for some time but December is flying by!! I'm sure a lot of you are also feeling this way.

So many things have happened this month. How about a fly-by blog post with a ton of photos?

1. We celebrated Erin's birthday at our last Book/Craft Club

Emily made yummy lemon bars to celebrate

and Abbey kind of worked on her girl owl:

Abbey's girl owl

it's funny, Abbey has been working on this owl for months but it never seems to change ;) bwaha

the spread was amazing, as usual:


Our next book is Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which looks very interesting and fun.

2. I received a wonderful wooly package from my dear friend, Lorri, in the UK:

Both hanks are incredibly delicious! I'm still undecided what to knit with them, but I think a little shawl with the green hank would be gorgeous.

3. We also celebrated my second brother's birthday:


4. Scott's mom performed in a Jubilation bell concert:


It was beautiful and tinkly-sounding and so lovely to experience. I tried to YouTube a good video of people playing bells, but a scary video of an exorcism came up in the results and freaked me out (see for yourself: YouTube "bell concert church" and it's at the top O.o) 

5. I fiiiiiinally turned the heel on dad's socks and am on the foot:


6. Our Book Club's First Annual Holiday Switchy Switch was last weekend and it was amaaaaazing!!! Of course, I didn't take photos, but here are some of the wonderful crafts I was gifted, and some handmade items I purchased from my crafty friends:

t shirt coasters from my friend :)

I am in love with these t-shirt coasters made by Autumn!! Thanks Autumn, and Erin for letting me have them :)

The following pairs of earrings are from my friend, Shari:



They are all gorgeous and I love them!

And this beautiful necklace was made by Katie! I LOVE sand dollars!


It was such a wonderful day spent with the best people. We watched Christmas movies, stuffed our faces, exchanged gifts, CRAFTED, and some of us took naps. I am truly thankful to have such beautiful ladies in my life.

That's all for now, happy Wednesday!


  1. I so love the second shot of earrings! Are those little pecan tarts I see in that yummy spread? You've definitely been having fun.

    1. Thank you Kepanie! I have been wearing a different pair each day, I love them! I believe they were pecan tarts of some kind, though the hostess called them Nut Cups :)

  2. what fun you girls have! all that eating and crafting and chatting can only lead to happy girls!

    i hope you had a wonderful holiday jesse~


    katie blog moved, you can find me at

    1. Thank you Katie, I hope you had a happy holiday too, with lots of time spent with the grand little ones :)

      Eek, I didn't realize we had a photo limit here... but I found you :)

      Hope you have a happy new year!


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