Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An afghan in progress

A few months ago, I saw two gorgeous cabled throws on Pinterest. The cables were thick and just the right size. It'd be the perfect type of afghan to hunker down with in the middle of winter. And ever since, I can't get cabled, chunky throws from my mind!

                                                                Source: cleverbirdbanter.wordpress.com via Jesse on Pinterest

Aren't these dreamy??

                                                                    Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Jesse on Pinterest

I came very close to purchasing afghan amounts of yarn several times, but I could never do it. Maybe it was the price tag for all that bulky yarn. Maybe I didn't think I could commit. Maybe it was because JoAnns never had enough of one color to buy enough yarn at once.

In the end, I decided on Sweet Cream by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss; it's in a knit and crochet afghan book called 7-Day Afghans. It's my first knitted afghan and I was very anxious to cast on.

The yarn I chose is worsted weight Lion Brand Wool Ease in Dark Dusty Rose.

Bought yarn to start an afghan...even though I already have so many WIPs. Oh well :) #yarn #knitting
I only purchased six skeins; I'll most likely need more

While it's not a chunky, cabled throw, it does have faux cables created by k2tog and PSSO. And it's incredibly squishy.

Knitted afghan progress. #knitting #afghan

It won't exactly be a warm, winter afghan, but it will be perfect for spring days and fall nights. Right now, the length covers my lap while I knit, and it keeps me pretty warm!


The most current status photo. This was almost two full skeins, and I am now on my third. I might try and take a progress photo whenever I start a new skein.

I'm not sure how someone could knit this afghan in only seven days (as the book title insists). It is worsted weight yarn on size US 10 1/2 needles, but you'd have to knit nonstop! I started April 7, it's been ten days, and I'm probably a third to a fourth of my way in. It is a fun pattern and fairly easy to memorize. There are twelve rows in each repeat, and half of those rows (on the wrong side) are the exact same. And the stitch markers are life savers!

I had better get to knitting :) Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh wow, your afghan looks beautiful! I'd love to knit a chunky cabled one, too, but that price tag really holds me back. You came up with a great solution!

    1. Thank you, Allison! I'm not giving up yet on having a chunky cabled afghan ;)


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