Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is it over yet?

My last post was a bit angry and frustrated. But I think, I hope, I'm over the worst. Don't get me wrong, I'm still pissed as hell about everything, but at least I'm not feeling that horrible dread and sense of worthlessness that Lambros makes their tenants feel.

The best part about this ordeal is being able to handle it with Scott, which he showed me today. Even though we're both super stressed, we're able to cope with it and talk together. I mentioned in my last post that it would be more stressful if we didn't have another place lined up. Well, a few years ago, that's exactly what happened and our lease was running out. I remember having a terrible fight with him because we were both so stressed that we couldn't see through it to comfort the other. But now, comparing both situations, I feel great relief and happiness =) We have definitely grown.

Yesterday was a pretty bad day with both announced and unannounced showings, plus work. But, through all the showings, I just sat on my couch and crocheted... and I've made some good progress! It's almost two feet long!! and three feet six inches (roughly) wide.

Well, I've got a few things to do before work, so... here's to good people and a sunny day =) Cheers!

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