Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I had a huge brunch with my family today, blackberry pancakes with raspberry syrup, eggs, and bacon =) I helped my dad repot a mysterious flower bulb that I've been growing for the past month or so into a larger pot, and hopefully under his care, it will finally blossom.

I've been neglecting my afghan the past few days... I just haven't been feeling it lately. Truthfully, I've felt really stressed and anxious between work and this whole moving hullabaloo. Lambros is really making this the most inconvenient and unorganized move out I have ever experienced. It's not the most stressful, though, because that was when we were moving out and didn't have a new place yet. I honestly don't know how that business continues to run with their level of disorganization. It's as if each "manager" has decided to take the property into their own hands to see who can rent it out the fastest, and the ones who really get the short end of the stick are us. It makes me sick to see a business take so much advantage over desperate people who need affordable housing. I mean, how the fuck is this fair or ethical? Because from what I've seen of them, they are miles from being far and ethical. How do you take pride in your work when you just make money unjustly off of people? It really makes me disillusioned of the world.

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