Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy 2015

Hi friends! I hope the new year finds you well. My new year started with some gorgeous handdyed yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks:


Oooh!! The colorways are Zombody Lavender Decomp, You're a Mean One, and Zombody's Bobbin for Apples ♥ I can't wait to knit these into socks! I lust over the pairs I see on Instagram...can't wait!

Knitting after Christmas is kind of weird. I feel that I should be knitting for someone, and the prospect of casting on something new is daunting. Does anyone else feel this way? Right now I'm just focused on two pairs of lingering Christmas socks and both mitered square blankets.

I have Evergreen socks by Madeline Gannon on the needles. I finished one sock and just need to cast on the second. I'm using a very special skein of Cakewalk in Peppermint Bark:


This is a super pattern. The small amount of lace is nice because it adds just enough to a simple sock and it's just the right amount for this yarn, which could definitely distract from the pattern were it an all-over pattern.

I love these little trees!

And the second pair is a vanilla sock with Red Heart and Sole in colorway Christmas:


I've always wanted to knit this colorway since seeing socks on someone's blog years ago... but then I couldn't find the yarn anymore. Just this year the local Joanns had it and I nabbed two skeins. It's a very nice, inexpensive yarn, and I feel that it will hold up well. It feels silly to still be knitting Christmas socks! Ah oh well!

I finished Sugar Plum Fairies awhile ago!


Gaaaah! I love these socks so much!!! The yarn is handdyed by Lyani Yarns in Sugarplum Fairy colorway...with glitz!!! (which you can't really see in the photos..)


Modified Eye of Partridge is still my favorite heel


They are so, so, SO pretty. And the socks are cushy and boingy. I wore them as inside socks for about a week, that's how nice they are ♥


A progress photo of Mrs. Weasley's blanket:

Mrs. Weasley's

I'm getting there! This is the fourth quadrant; just four more rows after this then I'll seam the quadrants together and knit a border! I haven't really decided on how I'll knit the border. I might follow the directions from Hue Shift Afghan, or maybe i-cord.

Alright!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week! xx

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