Saturday, January 22, 2011

Small project burn out

When I finished the Waffle Mittens yesterday, I was anxious to begin a new project right away. However, I jumped from one pattern to another, nothing really feeling right. And I think it's because I'm tired of these 2-3 day projects (really?). While I like the accomplishment and instant gratitude that arises from finishing a hat or pair of mittens in a few short days, the commitment I put into those projects at the start feel all too short-lived. I'm also in the midst of a star-shaped Ripple Afghan that does involve long-term commitment. But it's not enough.

My problem is (well, one of them) since the holidays are over, I'm not pressed for time to knit gifts for people. So nothing feels urgent. And the things I wanted to knit for people after the holidays (Howler Monkey Hat and Hearts Amore) I have already knit.

So while I sip my coffee, let's assess the new techniques and small goals I've gained in the past few months:
1. Fair Isle, check
2. Mittens, check
3. Techniques: yo, ssk, SKP
4. Lace pattern
5. I have already achieved my Great Goal for the month, which is to knit two projects from 60 Quick Knits. Hooray! (not stoppin' there!)

I guess that's it... on top of those, I've also expanded my knitting bag with new needles (3, 6 & 7 US dpns, 8 US 16" circs & 9 US 24" circs) as well as new yarn (mostly Patons).Oh! and cable needles, which I haven't used yet.

My next project will probably involve cables. That's how I'd sum up these last few months: I wanted to learn a new technique/ knit something completely new to me, so I did. What's left on the knitting table? Socks, cables, afghan. They shall be conquered.

(ok that was really cheesy)