Sunday, January 2, 2011

A few photos that I'm proud of taking:

For some reason, I really like this...the contrast of light and dark, textures...

Christmas ornament from BL's tree

I like photos in black and white

It has snowed all day! When I woke up the snow was falling at a slight angle and now about five hours later, the snow falls the opposite direction! I'm not sure why it does that, it's not very windy out.

I got an early (waaaay early haha) birthday present from goosey, a crossword book! It is very cute and small, and almost looks like a small notebook that one might carry in a purse for jotting notes. We finished three yesterday and I'm starting on another today. Why are crossword puzzles so fun? =)

Even though I only found out about Ek's death today, I don't feel so sad anymore. I'm in a weird state of mind now. I guess I have been preparing myself for this day for some time now, especially these last few days. The initial shock of his passing is gone. I do miss him, and if I linger on this I will cry. I hate saying this, but I feel better today than I have in the last four days. Goodbye Ek.