Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Knit the Book!

So begins my new project: 2011 Knit the Book!! 

That is, 60 Quick Knits! 

I absolutely love this book! Since purchasing it at the end of fall semester last year, I've knit three sets of fingerless gloves (Ribbed Wristers). And I've been a little intimidated to attack another pattern... so I decided last night to set some goals:

Great Goal: Knit at least two patterns every month......I will knit 24 things!

Super Goal: Knit at least half the patterns....that's 30 things! 2.5 a month

Rocket Goal: Knit five patterns a month... 60 things!

I'm not counting the Ribbed Wristers that I've already knit, so if I want them to count I will have to knit a new pair. I tried to start the Scalloped-Edge Beanie (see previous post) and failed. I will decide which project to actually start tomorrow. It's too late to begin one now (I'll just make mistakes...)

By taking on this goal, I'm forcing myself to knit patterns that I might not normally knit and also learn new techniques and stitches (yay!) I also figure this will be a great way to make gifts for people.

Time for bed. Extremely excited for this project!