Friday, January 14, 2011

Hearts hat!

I started this baby two nights ago and finished it tonight! (might have finished it sooner but fearing I'd run out of yarn, I put it on a one day hiatus to start an afghan...I don't understand the logic either but there it is))

hearts hearts hearts! who doesn't love hearts?

I watched a lot of Invader Zim while knitting this

I'm not intending to add a pom pom or earflaps. The last three hats I knit all had those. I think I like this earflapless, at least for the time being. Except my ear lobes are slightly exposed and would turn cold if it's windy.

Yarn is from Loopy Knit and Crochet...oh yes... if you haven't heard about my adventure (read: struggle) on trying to remember which yarn this is, read this post. And as it turns out, I didn't run out of yarn! Yippee! I even had made plans with BL to return to Loopy and purchase more today, but then decided not just yet.

Sometime last night, after ignoring this hat pretty much all day, I started an afghan. It will be very similar to BL's birthday afghan, only crazier color work and maybe some different stitching along the way. Also I'm using up a lot of the extra yarn I have (there's a ton, srsly) so it will be beautiful Frankenstein afghan. I'm already looking forward to it.

No, really, I do love mismatched things. The big Granny Rectangle afghan I made for our bed seriously makes me so happy sometimes. Especially comparing the different yarns: some are thinner, some have fibrous tufts sticking out all over, and one row I used two strands of the same color together because that's how much I hated that yarn and wanted to use it up asap. I really do remember each yarn that I used, like why I purchased it to begin with.

My darling Scott also wants me to mention how sniffly I have been while writing this post. I think I have a cold (all the usual symptoms, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, throat ache) but I'm not positive. It kind of came out of nowhere. And also, I suppose I want to deny it because right before I started feeling so pukey I kissed my grandma who is 91 years old and I don't want her to become sick either. Guilt.