Saturday, September 13, 2014

Socks FO sho!

Happy weekend, friends!

I'm sipping a cup of coffee on the couch while I write this, Scott is playing his new game, Destiny, and Berny is snuggled between us. Today is his birthday! He's planned a game of golf and lunch with his parents, but I think if he could have it his way, he'd continue on playing Destiny all day ;) He is hooked. (I'll join them for lunch but not golf, because I don't play hehe)

I have finished two pairs of socks recently.


Pattern: 64 stitch vanilla pattern with modified Eye of Partridge heel - OAAT
Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Hundertwasser in Wintergeist  
Needles: 2.25 mm Hiya Hiya Sharps (looove) 32" circular

I knit on these a lot during our recent vacation, and then they were purse socks after that. I knit the second sock's foot a little longer on's because I keep changing where I want to start the toe decreases! Sometimes I wait until the sock is past my little toe, sometimes before... inconsistency!

I love Opal!! I've acquired a nice little stash of it and they will all become vanilla socks :)

The second pair I finished just in time for Scott's birthday! I had a heckuva time washing and drying them without him noticing though. I had to be really sneaky :)


Pattern: 72 stitch vanilla pattern with Fish Lips Kiss Heel (toe up!) - TAAT
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Multi Sock in Edgewater
Needles: 2.25 mm Addi Sock Rockets 40" cable

I really, really, really enjoyed knitting with Lorna's Laces! The yarn itself is wonderful, but oh! then the colors!! They kept the interest going :)

Scott's birthday socks are finishedLorna's Laces is gorgeous, can't wait to knit with it again! 17/20 #burningsockdesire

That's it from me, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!! x

Saturday, September 6, 2014

summertime madness!

Holy moly, friends, I'm still here!!!

Enderts Beach, CA

We got back from vacation mid-August, but getting back into the groove of life was tough! ...I've been meaning to blog for weeks. We spent a little over two weeks camping through the Olympic National Forest, the Oregon coast and Redwoods, and visiting friends and family the entire way. It was a ton of driving but we had such a wonderful time and it really was relaxing. I'll consolidate this post into a Best Of, with lots of photos :)

One of the coolest campsites we stayed at was somewhere south of Tillamook, OR. We pitched the tent under this huge tree:

Alder Glen campground, OR

Alder Glen campground, OR
the tent under the tree

Alder Glen campground, OR

And directly across camp was a waterfall!! It fed into a fast moving stream and was so loud that we didn't hear any other campers. This was one of the rare places that we stayed two nights in because it was so nice. Though, I will not forget that it's also where I peed in the bushes and came out with thorns in my butt! Horrible and embarrassing, it took half a day to realize it wasn't itchy from a rash but because of still embedded, teeny tiny thorns. Scott had to tweeze them out... not one of my finer moments!

My creation
Clockwise: 1. I read The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare - it was very good! 2. Our MacGyver "glass" for drinking whiskey because we forgot to pack one (it's the bottom of a beer can) BTW best whiskey ever! 3. Scott's socks have heels 4. car knitting :)

Two places I really enjoyed seeing were Enderts Beach in California and Devil's Punch Bowl in Oregon.

Enderts Beach, CA
exploring Enderts Beach

Enderts Beach is supposed to be a fantastic place for tide pools. Unfortunately we didn't hit the tide right, but we still walked the beach a little ways and found some cool things.

My creation
Clockwise: 1. BEAR PRINTS!!! It was a little freaky to see them but still cool 2. a neat rock 3. another neat rock: I found a heart stone! 4. Scott 5. more little bear paws. It seemed like there was a mama bear with two cubs 6. starfish on the beach

Enderts Beach, CA
It was about a mile walk down to the beach, with flowers and blackberry bushes lining the sides

Enderts Beach, CA

The blackberries were everywhere! The morning that we went to Enderts Beach, we had just packed up camp without eating breakfast so the blackberries hit the spot! Until we saw a huge banana slug on the berry bush...and then counted thirty more!!!! If you know me well, you know I hate slugs of all kinds! So it's safe to say that I didn't eat anymore blackberries that day.

The Devil's Punchbowl was really neat! There's a small opening in the rock that you can walk through to reach the inside:

Devil's Punch Bowl, OR

Devil's Punch Bowl, OR
Inside the Punchbowl

P1050953 (2)

Devil's Punch Bowl, OR
Looking into the Punchbowl from another side

Of course, the Redwoods are always stunning:

Redwoods, CA

Redwoods, CA

Redwoods, CA

Redwoods, CA

 We had great luck with the weather, it only rained on us once and the rest of the time it was sunny and warm. The only car trouble we had is still undetermined, but seems to have been a leak in the radiator which was solved by adding more coolant plus a gel that stops up leaks.

The scariest moment of the trip was the last night we camped, in eastern Oregon. We were somewhere between 4000-5000 feet up on a mountain when a storm decided to light up the night. It was close to one a.m. and I woke up to flashes through the tent, then the soft rumbles of thunder. It freaked me out for several reasons. There was lightening but no rain; we had passed through a large portion of forest earlier that day that had been ravaged by fire; I couldn't see the lightening because I was in a tent; and we're on TOP of a mountain in a lightening storm. So I ran to the car. I thought we might be driving for our lives, I was really that terrified. It passed a few hours later and then it poured - which was the first time camping I was ever thankful for rain!

One of the best parts was meeting friends! It was sheer luck that both Vanessa of Lynai Yarns and Scott and I were in Crescent City on the same day. Neither of us live there, she was visiting family and we were passing through to our next destination. It was also perfect timing that led Anna of the willow nest and I to meet! Both ladies have been very good friends to me on Instagram, and I feel like we've known one another for so long! It's sad that we all live so far away from each other, but I feel incredibly fortunate to have met each of them!! We also visited one of Scott's friends, my brother and his wife, and one of my best friends who moved out of state ♥

Pacific City, OR
Haystack Rock

P1060059 (2)

Thanks for reading!! x

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pebble Beach

Hi friends!

I have another finished object to share with you. It's Pebble Beach, and I love it. 


Pattern: Pebble Beach Shawlette by Helen Stewart
Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in color Euphorbia and Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Inkwell
Needle: US 7, 40" circular
Modifications: I knew I would run out of yarn so I decided to use a contrast color for the edge. I ended up repeating the last four rows once more to have just enough purple in the shawl :)


I greatly enjoyed knitting this shawl. I had read someone's comment that it's potato chip knitting, and I was like, what? no way! It's lace! But it really did become intuitive and, I don't want to say mindless or simple, but very relaxing. The lace rows were the rows to pay attention to, but they're followed by three rows of stockinette or garter stitch.


A month or so ago, I came across Helen Stewart's podcast through another podcast. In one show she discusses her Pebble Beach Shawlette, and Unwind Brighton, and it made me so interested in the pattern. Then I kept seeing friends on Instagram who had been to Unwind Brighton and received the shawl pattern, knitting their Pebble Beaches and, well, you know how enabling goes!

Helen's podcast is called Curious Handmade and if you haven't had a listen yet, consider trying it. I really enjoy her podcast!


Mine turned out fairly long. I didn't measure it but my wingspan is 64 inches, plus there's at least five inches extra on each side (the pattern measurements are 55 inches diameter). I did go up one needle size than the pattern calls for because the Hazel Knits Artisan Sock fabric just seemed too dense on US 6.

I am glad for a little extra length! It will wrap a few extra times under my jacket this fall :)


I hope you are all having a sunny but cool Sunday! Thanks for reading! x


(p.s. I connected my Blogger account to Google+ recently, but for some reason it left me unable to reply to certain comments. I disconnected from Google+ in the hopes that I can again reply directly to comments left here. We'll see! If I didn't reply to your comment in the last two posts it was because of this, but I did read your comments and greatly appreciate them!!) x

Saturday, July 19, 2014

FOFOFO -- what the Santa of knitting says when you finish something

Hi friends! This has been an excellent week for turning WIPs into FOs! It feels incredibly awesome to have finished these projects. My unfinished object shelf was becoming a little stuffed!

The first FO is my dad's socks! I will post a photo and offer more details after I've given them to him and taken some photos.

The second FO is Echo Lace:


Pattern: Echo Lace by Jenny Johnson Johnen
Yarn: Zitron Filigran in the color light gray
Needles: US 6
Modifications: The pattern calls for 440-880 yards, I used 535 yards. The shawlette version calls for eight repeats and the shawl version calls for thirteen, but I was worried about running out of yarn so I knit ten repeats.


It was my first lace project in lace weight yarn and I think the most challenging aspect was that it commanded my full attention when knitting. I'm more likely to knit something with a simple enough pattern that I can also read or watch tv. Not with this pattern. There were a few times I had an extra (or one less) stitch in a row, and I'd just incorporate it in. I was scared the most that I'd drop a stitch and not be able to work it back up. Thankfully that never happened.

This pattern has nupps, 2into9, and 3into9, which was my first experience with all of them. They weren't too hard but they did take a few tries to get right and get the hang of them. There is an awesome YouTube video that shows how to use a crochet hook to work the nupps instead of your knitting needle that helped me immensely. I did try to work them with my knitting needle, and I made a few, but generally the crochet hook nupps looked neater.


All in all, I love this shawl! It was a difficult project for me, but I am eager to knit one in heavier weight yarn!  


My third FO is another pair of socks.


Pattern: Sunday Swing by Kristel Nyberg
Yarn: Juno Fibre Arts Buffy in the color Lilac Pool
Needles: US 0
Modifications: none

They make pair 15/20. 

This pattern has been in my queue ever since I saw Andi's pair. Not much else to say, I love these socks!

modified Eye of the Partridge heel


The pattern is simple and easy to memorize. It's comprised of yarn overs and knit two together, and for that reason, it's also a good pattern to help you read your knitting.

yeah! finished objects! My dad's socks and Echo Lace were both projects I needed to finish before leaving for vacation, so I'm very relieved I made it. And now I can 100% focus on trip planning, eek! It's mainly going to be a hiking and camping adventure through Washington, Oregon, and into the Redwoods. I am wholly looking forward to new sights, new people, breweries, yarn souvenirs, and spending it all with Scott. We're not leaving for awhile, but you will definitely see all of the photos :)

Happy weekend and thanks so much for visiting me!! x

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Turkey precious and handspun

Hello there! Is it hot everywhere else too? :) We're coping by waking up early enough to work on chores while it's still cool in the morning. We have fans running in two windows to help pull in cooler air (we are a/c-less). I have all but unplugged the oven ;) how do you guys keep cool?

It's Tour de Fleece right now! I am not participating as heavily this year due to several knits that must be finished soon. However, I did finish spinning this:

Norm + mystery fiber

It's half Norma and half mystery fiber; both from Sheep on a Spring. I looove the colors!! I always love the colors that Dag uses to dye, very vibrant and cheerful.

Norm + mystery fiber

It's two ply and about 180 yards of sport weight. The yarn contains merino, alpaca, and "everything imaginable from angora to yak" (reads the fiber tag). I don't have plans for this skein yet! I would really like to knit a lot of Christmas gifts from handspun yarn!

Norm + mystery fiber

There are a lot of Tour de Fleece tags on Instagram if anyone is interested in seeing what others are spinning, or looking for spinning inspiration. Among the tags I've seen are:
  • #tdfleece2014 
  • #tdf 
  • #tdf2014 
  • #tourdefleece

This past week I placed my first order to Jimmy Beans Wool, and I am so freaking pleased! The yarn is gorgeous:

first Jimmy Beans Wool purchase!

I ordered five Unicorn Tails to add to Mrs. Weasley's blanket and a skein of Lorna's Laces in color Edgewater for a long overdue pair of socks for Scott :) the last pair I was knitting for him I ended up frogging halfway it's been over two years since he's received a new pair, yikes.

Everyone talks about how quickly they ship - I ordered on Sunday and had my yarn on Thursday! Of course I Instagrammed my purchase, and JBW reached out and commented. Instantly I loved them.

I can't help but compare JBW to Knit Picks because they are the only two large yarn online companies I've purchased from. While it's likely I'll order from Knit Picks in the future, their shortcomings are glaringly apparent when stacked next to JBW. Anyway.

first Jimmy Beans Wool purchase!
Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails !!

first Jimmy Beans Wool purchase!
my first skein of Lorna's Laces ♥

I went back and forth on how I wanted to knit his socks. I've been dying to knit a vanilla sock one at a time just to keep in my purse. But I realized I might run out of yarn and was truly worried I might lose my steam after the first sock. I decided on toe up TAAT and I think it's the right decision. I'd like to make them as long as possible.

Scott's socks

I looooooove the colors so much. If these fit me, I would have a hard time parting with them :)

Scott's socks

I've named them Turkey Precious and here's the story the best as I can retell it.

Scott and I had been cracking up over the above video for weeks. Anytime one of us said "potato" in daily life we'd rap the song. So one time we were waiting for the bus to school and had been laughing about po-ta-toes. Then I said something about having turkey for dinner, and Scott honestly said, "What's turkey?" with 100% innocence. We still joke about "what's turkey, precious?" :)

(if that was a horrible story I apologize!!! sometimes it's hard to explain inside jokes!) 

Anyway! His socks are coming along very well. I love working with Lorna's Lace and will definitely purchase more. Uh yeah, I want a pair for myself too.

Berny wishing for winter

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting me!! x