Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Night Schedule

Spiiider!!! his legs give me the heebie jeebies

Photo taken somewhere off a highway in Northern California, on a small hike up a densely-fern covered hill. Hike also took us to the ocean, which was stunning and gorgeous. But it was also very windy and cold that day (late April?) and there were intermittent hail storms. Reflecting on that trip now, I am hit with its impact again. I think I'll blog about our trip to the Redwoods soon. It was such a memorable trip! Especially since it was a two week vacation with no one but Scott, experiencing the Redwoods for the first time, and traveling around and getting lost in Oregon and California. Yes, I will blog about it =)

For the past three nights, all of us roommates have been on the same schedule! While I like us all being awake and asleep at the same time, I do not like waking up at two in the afternoon! Yesterday Scott and I went out for breakfast (and purchased the last largest desk I hope we ever own) and as we drove to Ruby's Diner, Hellgate High School was getting out of class. It was a horrible and weird feeling. And this is what our roommate experiences every day. I am thankful it isn't our usual schedule, yes sirree.

One thing I noticed: if you sleep in so late, you miss out on a lot of breakfasts. Although, there are plenty of restaurants who serve breakfast all day... but fast food joints stop at a certain time. And sometimes an Egg McMuffin is what I really want (haha but not in a looong time. The last one I ate was probably the morning we left for our Redwoods trip, was almost a year ago).

Speaking of McMuffins...I watched Supersize Me. Even though it came out years ago, I hadn't seen it but heard about its message, impact, etc. Yeah...really gross. But I also enjoyed it. A lot. There is something sick about me that I like watching men eat disgusting amounts of food. Case in point: I LOVE Bizarre Foods and Man vs Food. Not to sound sexist about liking men gorge themselves sick, but there aren't a lot of women out there doing the same thing (read none??). This should tell us something about men in general... hmm... let's all think about that for a minute.

Anyway, back to the weird schedule. I thought I would be able to knit a lot since I'd be up pretty much all day and all night. But nope. I mostly watched Netflix. I finished my cowl two nights ago, but am disappointed with it. Not quite the size I had imagined. I tried to start a new project but nothing really appealed to me. Mittens? meh. Hats? waiting to get a 16" circ. Socks? meh. Crochet an afghan? too much effort rounding up stray skeins of yarn. I will probably start both a hat and an afghan today or tomorrow though. I have so much yarn that is just sitting in the spare room, and it's mostly acrylic, yucky itchy stuff. Perfect for a bed spread, right? Well, not all of it is itchy. I have plenty of Red Heart but also Lion Brand Homespun and Carons One Pounders.

Gah! It's 3pm! And I'm just drinking my morning coffee. Horrendous.

Hope you all stay warm today