Friday, January 21, 2011

Problems #2

Finished Scalloped-Edge Beanie (yahoo!) and then found out there are a bunch of erratas for the book that aren't included in my first edition of the book. Uh huh. And guess what? There's one for the Scalloped-Edge Beanie! Instead of K1, *yo, K2, SKP, K2, yo, K1 it's *K1, yo, K2, SKP, K2, yo. So not the biggest change ever but I am still blaming it for my massive struggle. There are a few other knitters on Ravelry who've knit this hat without the errata and they ended up with a good result. Not really sure how that works...

Promise to post pictures of the Beanie soon. I'm sort of avoiding it because I don't want to block it... but I should.

I started Waffle Mittens a few nights ago. This is where Problems #2 enters. First mitten, bam! finished. I had decided to shorten the length a little in the finger area because I figured it would fit my little fingers better (ok so it was a little snug, but that keeps my fingers warmer). WRONG! After I got to the same point on the second mitten I gravely realized a little extra room would accommodate my fingers much better. Finished second mitten and it fits beautifully. I thought first mitten was a dream but no, second is so much better.

Fast forward. On second mitten I forgot to continue in Basketweave Pattern so it's just ribbing. First mitten has been lengthened but is a little pointy at the top. And I'm still trying to unweave my end for the dumb thumb.

I have about five hours until work. That gives me enough time to finish thumb and start a new project to take with me, right?