Monday, January 10, 2011

Help Kelp

Spring vacation 2010: Beach, Northern California

I've decided to try and include a photo with every post. But I don't take photos everyday so this poses a problem. Cue stored photos, yay!

Tonight we have chosen to brew a pot of coffee and stay up until our heads fall down. Well, there's more to it: Scott is one of the lucky workers who was picked to work two overnight shifts in a row! (you are reading the sarcasm, right?) So we are doing this to readjust his time clock. Anyway, it's only midnight now and I'm already exhibiting signs that it's time for me to sleep: I'm cranky, moody, and my head feels like it weighs ten pounds. I will probably not last past two in the morning.

I have been working on a cowl since last Wednesday and it's impossible. Stockinette stitch is very boring. Stripes are very boring. One huge ass St st tube on US 9 circs and worsted weight yarn is murder. I'm not even sure if it will be the right size. Right now it seems like it's too big for my neck region, like it'll just flop over and not keep my face warm (which is my intention). I measured it and it's at least 32 inches circumference.
I think it's too big.
I think I'll begin k2tog until it's only 24 inches around.

Cables really would have made it more interesting.

New Year Resolutions, at this point to me, are stupid and naive. Why wait a whole year to try and better yourself through goals and achievements, only to give up (as many resolution-makers do)? If one is truly trying to better one's self, don't you think a self-assessment should occur more often? Like every month? or better yet, every day? Because it takes a well-disciplined person to take that much time to do it. Alright. Monthly resolutions it is. January is almost to the half-way mark.

Next week (Jan 17-24) I will fast for one day. Not for any reason in particular, just to see what it's all about. I talked about this with my dad when he was in the hospital for a bit, and it intrigues me. I wonder what sort of things I will think about? (besides food)

College has not made me smarter. There are still loads of things and words and facts and common sense that I am still in the dark about, things I thought college would give me insight to. But, in another sense, college has smartened me up...I'm just not sure in which ways yet. If I try to compare my smarts now to my smarts pre-college, I can't. Knowledge that I have now feels like I've always had it. Why is this?

Living in this apartment has been a horrible experience. Obviously I am glad to have a warm place to live and keep my shit. But this living arrangement with Scott's friend has absolutely poked all my buttons out. It has driven me to a creative slump (writing wise), made me sluggish in all things domestic (cleaning cooking organizing), and pretty much killed my sex drive (TMI --get over it). I spend all my time being pissed about  this and the rm that I have no energy for anything else. Even now as I type I feel myself tense up. I know rm is not actively responsible for my failing my class or having messy counters, but I BLAME HIM FOR EVERYTHING. which is not healthy for me. but I see no way over it. I have tried. peace is not an option.

In my head these last three or four paragraphs all tied together somehow with my rant about rm, but now I'm not seeing it. I am trying to make my posts more cohesive and less wordy.