Sunday, January 16, 2011


Since 6am this morning until now I have been so frustrated! (6am happened to be the hour that our roommate drunkenly stumbled home and made so much damn noise doing I-have-no-clue-what...for an hour).

I won't even tell you what happened at work today. ugh and sigh.

And ever since I got off work at 5pm, I've wanted to work on a new hat I'm knitting. Alas, for the past five hours I have been struggling to work the first six freakin rows of this hell-born hat. I have frogged it at least four times, each time hoping and willing it to work. Sometimes I didn't have enough cast-on stitches. Or at the end of the row I had too many stitches left.

I think this has been the ordeal that it is partially because I'm brain dead and tired. Also, it's the Scalloped-Edge Beanie from 60 Quick Knits. And it's so freaking hard. The first 18 rows are a lace pattern, which I haven't tried before, and there are two new stitches that are completely bonkers and always mess up my counting. The guilty bastards are YO and SK2P (yarn over and slip, knit two together, and pull stitch over). While I understand how to do these (I can even recognize them for the most part!) I always fudge something up!! For my sanity and health, I'm going to forget about it for awhile.

I am seriously ready to burn something down.