Monday, November 29, 2010

A Year of Clothes Comes to an End...sort of

Marisa Lynch's project New Dress A Day has reached it's finale! Read her last blog in this 365 day journey here. I am thrilled she isn't dropping off the face of the net after her last day! But I do hope she gets some good rest before she begins blogging again. I can't imagine working a full job plus recreating outfits plus photographing and blogging.

Today was one of those days...and I'm going to write about it. To begin with, I resented waking up and going to work. Not a good way to start the morning. Luckily I didn't have to scrape the ice off my car too much and the roads weren't too slippery. But when I got to work, my mood didn't really improve. I grew increasingly frustrated with my boss, who has terrible communication skills and absolutely refuses to ask me how I am doing. When people call in sick or are coming in late, everybody needs to know!! I know I should tell her my qualms about this, but I feel that if I do, I'll feel like a parent chastising her child. Which is not a feeling I want to feel yet. I'll probably regret saying this, but here it is: if it's this difficult to communicate with her employees, her marriage must really suck. There. It's said. And I'm not erasing it. She infuriates me. And I refuse to be the parent in this situation.

Also, I'm not graduating this semester as I'm failing a class. Haven't told my parents. On the bright side, I'll be able to end my undergraduate career (ha) with a professor that I actually like (Professor Bergman or Professor Kane...both teach the class I need to take). And I won't have to fill out my graduation application until spring.

Happy Monday!