Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I made some delicious Sparkling Chewy Molasses Cookies tonight! I found the recipe at not martha.

Even though my cookies might not be the same size, or be as evenly-sugar coated, they sure do taste good!! And they are so soft and chewy, which makes me happy ^-^

However...I didn't have any nutmeg and decided not to make another trip out just to purchase the spice (because we all know I would come home with not just nutmeg, but a whole bunch of stuff). Also, my cookies aren't very molasses-y. I wonder if it's the brand I used? Or maybe the recipe just calls for a weak sauce amount and I should up the amount in my next batch.

While pulling the second tray out of the oven, I burned my finger =( It's the first burn I've gotten for quite some time, the last being when I worked at Wheat Montana and took out a tray of pastries and it rested on my forearm. This one is much smaller, and on the tip of my right hand ring finger. There's a little blister there now, and after icing it for a few minutes, it feels quite better!

Now I just have to wait until Scott comes home! He will be so surprised (and happy I hope!) for cookies.

Also, I've been under pressure to finish BL's afghan for her birthday dinner this Saturday! I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees it! I think it will be quite a surprise, too.

Happy Hump Day!