Saturday, November 6, 2010


I think I mentioned in my last post that lately I've been feeling a desire to knit a hat. I found an awesome website called KnitPicks that has an abundance of resources and should be very helpful in any knitter's project. The magazine I have been reading calls for dpns, but on this website they use a circular needle, which I think would be much easier for a beginner (read: me). So I think I'll start with their Easy Peasy Hat and work my way to dpns. Although, if I simply started with dpns then everything else would be easy to use, right? Because I'm starting out with the trickier of the three?

While watching KnitPicks videos, I stumbled on this one: (haha)

I haha'd because I doubt I'll ever be that fast!! Partially because I knit the other way (there's continental and English??) and I'm just not a proficient knitter. But I love to watch her fingers!

Well, I better start my day. At the University today there is an event happening that's all about energy efficiency and tips on winterizing your home. I would like to go to that. I also have a bunch of laundry to wash... and I really want to try my hand at knitting a hat! Although, I feel bad because I have so many crochet projects that I haven't yet finished either... I wonder if the world's fastest knitter ever gets tired of knitting? Does she actually enjoy herself while she's knitting, or has it become so routine?

Anyway, happy weekend!