Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snow day!

Brr brr... I'm a bear!

It is so cold! Around three degrees Fahrenheit outside as of 4 pm or so, but it is much colder with the wind chill. Out here in East Missoula kind of reminds me of my old house out Mullan Road because of all the snowdrifts! The roads are almost perfectly clear of snow here but drive half a mile into town and it's ridiculous the amount of snow on the road. I joke that the wind is carrying snow from here into town =) well, all the snow except the ones that get stuck in huge drifts in the carports! And on our windows! Scott thinks this is good insulation, but I think it'll just melt and leak into the house (in the spring). I remember some of the snowdrifts at my old house, where our car got stuck trying to drive over one!

Last day of school before Thanksgiving, thank goodness! Unfortunately, I still have to work tomorrow morning =/ even though most of the kids go home for break. Today was fairly slow. But then, I left at 9 am, so perhaps it picked up.

(dinner time!!)