Thursday, November 18, 2010

I caved

I caved and bought 60 Quick Knits from the UM bookstore. It's originally $17.95 but I got a student discount which knocked almost two dollars off. Funny, though, I've never gotten a student discount at the bookstore before... it sure would be handy at the beginning of every semester when I have to buy school books!

This was the first, practically full-price knit or crochet book that I've purchased ever, I think. Let's see...

Found 7-Day Afghans at Powell's for only $3.99
Scored Stitch 'n Bitch at Goodwill (of all places!!) for $2.99
Bought an afghan book (blue ribbon or something like that) at Salvation Army for like $1!

So yes, I do enjoy a good deal! And I especially love hunting for them. Today has shown me that I'm not completely frugal, which is kind of relieving, really. Although, all the money I save by buying used craft books I spend on lots of yarn... so am I really saving??

Man! I need to take some pictures already! I think for Christmas I want a nice digital camera that has a good macro on it (is that possible?) My idea is, that if I have a camera that takes a good photo, I'll be more motivated to take pictures and upload them. Unlike my current one, which is a clunky old thing that only has 3 megapixels, or something. hey. it was $50 at Target, I think.

Well, in my dreams I'd love a nice, digital SLR Canon, but I definitely don't have the dough for that.

Still working on Christmas presents. About to start one now actually, if it goes well. Something like this:


But really, I'm altering a pattern for a cable headband like this:


to fit a cup! I haven't tried my hand at cables before and they look so beautiful. Plus, a girl in one of my lit classes has a cabled cup snuggy and it looks awesome!

There are so many patterns and pictures of pretty knits on the web!! I just google imaged "knit cable cup warmer" and found so many! Plus, quite a few good blogs to start following ^-^

Happy knitting! And it's almost Friday!!