Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a wonderful, wonderful day!!

This phrase keeps running through my head, cue Gwen Stefani's "Wonderful Life" ^-^

This morning started with a wake up phone call around 8 am, which resulted in us returning $200 found money to its owner. And then our internet was installed shortly after, so we have internet in our apartment again! woot! Meanwhile, I've been cleaning a little, so I feel slightly accomplished in the housecleaning area, since I'm not very good at it =)

OH!! and the cherry on the top of this delightful morning? (as it is not even noon yet!!) Not only do I not have school or work (it's Election Day!) and have the day off with my goose, but we just ordered BOOKS from POWELL'S online!! I won't lie, I did it mostly to get the free tote...

here's the site so check it out for yourself and get a tote!

Today is definitely a catch up day for homework!! bah !!! But I really do need to finish some things. I wonder if the second half of this day will stand up to the first half? ;)

Sigh. Why can't we have all Tuesdays off??