Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knit ribbed scarf


This is the very first knitted scarf that I have finished ^-^ All other scarf attempts I ended up frogging. But this one, not this one, I finished it! I don't think I will add fringe; the yarn seems like it would split. Like I said in my previous post, this one is going to my brother's gf, JH for Christmas! I hope she will like it. I gave it a test run and it is very warm. It was very simple and a good starting foundation for more scarves like it in the future. It's just k2 p2 to make the ribbing.

I'm playing around with the template and design of the blog, because I wasn't very happy with the original. But I'm not very happy with this one either haha I'll just keep playing with it and hopefully find one I'm content with. What I really want is a separate page to show my projects individually, in a nice table of contents way.

Today has been an odd day. Full of ups (our Powell's order arrived *early*!!! a wonderful surprise!) and downs (being accosted by the legless diabetic while grocery shopping). Maybe accosted is the wrong word, but I pretty much feel violated in some way when she panhandles to me, or when I see her doing it to someone else. I don't know why it makes me so angry. 

Reading Miko Kings; An Indian Baseball Story for Native American literature. It's written by LeAnne Howe. At first it seemed like it would be a really interesting non-fictional book about one of the early Indian baseball teams. Nope. Seems to be historical fiction narrated in the most absurd and horrible way, including the narrator being visited by the Miko King's manager's niece and hearing the story through this ghost. At this point in the book, I can't help feel that the author is trying waaay too hard and I don't have much interest in finishing it. Really, it's a case of false advertising, right? You can't mislead people, through the title and book cover to make them think that what they are holding in their hands is a book representing a real life story about real life Indians playing a real life MF baseball game, and then make them sit through pages and pages of a narrator who has her own identity issues deal with an uneducated ghost talking about math and theorems and physics that exist in literature. You just can't.

/rant ... 

On the flip side... it's Sunday, and we just got a bunch of groceries. I bought breakfasty type food that should make waking up at 5am a little easier, I hope. This includes wheat English muffins, peanut butter, apple juice, frosted-covered mini wheats (I'm also planning on taking a baggie of these to work as well, eat them throughout the day). I'm trying to go the fiber route. Plus we got REAL coffee, none of that Dunkin Donuts crap. They do a really good job advertising, tv and on the product, but when you taste it, the coffee is very bland and very weak. The added Pumpkin Spice flavor seems to be there only so you don't notice the weak coffee. This is probably ideal coffee for people who don't like coffee flavor (they're nuts) and who probably add a bunch of cream and sweetener.

Last thoughts:
Considering work at Subway again, once my coffee job is up
Slightly depressed about school
It snowed today

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