Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm da bwoss!

I'm totally obsessed with Cake Boss!!

Love this show!!
For the past few days I've been watching it on Netflix. I love the creativity that flows through the show, especially because the medium (cake!) is something I don't have much experience working with. I also love the family dynamic that is evident in each episode; clearly family is important. And these are New Jersey Italians... so they've got two different attitudes =) and it definitely reminds me of Sophia from the Golden Girls <3 Even though they argue a lot, they also tease each other, and it seems to actually bring them closer together. Which is so odd to me!! But I love the attitude and am going to try and give Scott a harder time about things ;)

I purchased some yarn today from my LYS for a few Christmas presents: fingerless gloves. The first hank is Cascade 220 in a lovely dark green for Scott. And I bought a skein of Ella Rae for SW in a pink and kiwi green variegation. I'm not exactly how it'll knit up or how the colors will look together, but I thought the same about the grass colored yarn, and every time I wear my fingerless gloves, I can't get over how refreshing the color is.

Have to get cracking on homework so I can enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and Scott's parents

Happy Thanksgiving!