Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

What a blustery, snowy week! It was so windy yesterday that the snow was blowing sideways! So I stayed in most of the day and finished my knitting project: fingerless gloves!! 

Berny seems to like them too ^-^

I started the first one on Friday night, after great debate over purchasing double pointed needles. This was my first project ever knitting in the round, and my first time using dpns! And I am very happy with my end result!

I'm not the best model haha

 I found this pattern in 60 Quick Knits which I mentioned in my previous post. The needles I used were size 8 and the yarn is Loops & Threads: Impeccable (found it at Micheal's) It's worsted weight, 100% acrylic, and in the color grass =) 

60 Quick Knits calls these Wrist Warmers, or something, but they cover more than just your wrist:

Chilling out on my laptop while I rest ;)

Eek!! Knitting on double pointed needles!!!! This is exactly the thing that scared me away from using dpns in the first place. But really it wasn't that tricky. Or scary.

I finished the left glove on Friday night and finished the right glove on Saturday! The first one took me four hours to complete! I didn't time the second one, but I have a feeling it took substantially less time to knit. The ribbed pattern adds a nice texture and it also helps break up the monotony while knitting.
The lone needle in the middle is the marker for the thumb!

While I had my camera out, I figured I should take a few shots of my other finished projects:

The oh so multi-colored Granny afghan! (it wasn't finished at this point)

Berny loves it!! haha

Ta-daaa!! Finished and on the bed. That's a queen sized bed, so the afghan is very very large =) I haven't actually measured it. But I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I'm positive I'll be crocheting more just like it (maybe less colorfully sporadic)

And this is a knit rib scarf for my brother's girlfriend for Christmas:

close up! trying to show off the ribbing

I love love love ribbing! It looks fantastic and it's so easy and quick. And after these knitting projects, I have knitting on the brain so much that I can't help myself examining all the knitting around me! Basically all my clothes and fabrics are knitted, so I can see why I'm so hooked on it. It's an art that surrounds me; I'm submerged in it (although, I willfully subject myself too).

Alright, I must start some homework! 

Happy knitting and I hope everyone is staying warm!!