Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sestina time

The first sestina I wrote was in high school, probably sophomore or junior year. The next one I wrote was in a poetry workshop last semester. The time has come (again) the walrus said, to talk of many things. Of ships and shoes and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings! And while the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.

Sidetrack, apologies. I actually had two weeks to write this, but of course, I procrastinated until it's due. But, I'm not too worried because I may have finally accepted the form (haha). Anyway, I thought I'd link a very clever sestina on McSweeney's. This one has a very meditative quality to it, which is what I like most. And also, it's a really neat take on the form.

Scott and I just got home after a Heavy Horse adventure. We did not locate any bottled, so I think it really is gone until next year =( o well. We ended up buying boxed wine (yes, a BOX) to try it. Considering price and quantity, it's a good deal, but it's not the most flavorful. However, it's very drinkable and it is it ended up being the equivalence of four bottles for $16? I think. I've never had a $4 bottle of wine, but I have had pretty cheap wine and it's horrible. And this box wine isn't nearly as bad. So I think it's a win! except for the not finding Heavy Horse part.

On the bad news part, my dad might have prostate cancer.. his doctor called and I answered, and the doctor wouldn't tell me the results. I have been praying and hoping that everything will be alright. I think we should know tomorrow.

But let's end on a happy note, ok? I'm looking at my precious Bernbern who is sleeping on her cat tree facing me, and she looks completely peaceful ^-^ Her eyes have the contented look to them. Let us all sleep so beautifully.