Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have no idea how I've gone this long without knowing about Ravelry!! but I just signed up and shortly after I created my account (seriously, within seconds) a message popped up on Ravelry saying they have 1,000,000 Ravelers!!! I might have pushed them to the top!! probably not, but I was super close in there =)

Good news about my dad, well, good and bad, he does have prostate cancer but it's not a very bad form of it and the doctor said that it's easily treatable. In fact, there are several options my dad has to choose from, in terms of procedures. Plus, it's not so severe that it needs to be operated on right now, like mom's was...that was a pretty scary time.

In other news, Scott and I have decided to stay up all night. I'm not too sure where this idea came from but I'm rolling with it =) as this will be my first all-nighter, I'm pretty excited! o wait, I did pull one when we camped out for Griz-Cat tickets... but that had a goal, which was football tickets. Tonight is for our sheer ability to do it. (not going to lie, it would be more fun if roommate wasn't here... we'll have to keep it down). I wish we didn't need to sleep so much! Even if we only slept for four hours, we could still get so much more done in a day! I've definitely been wishing this since I've started this coffee job. Early mornings means early bedtimes, and I'm so unmotivated to do anything after school (which is over at 2pm everyday). I end up feeling like I've wasted my whole day to work and school.

oh! Aren't these so cute??!!

via not martha

Little gingerbread houses to sit on your mugs of cocoa!! not martha is brilliant!! plus, she's convincing me that *i* can knit my own sweater...!! I might have to wait to start until after Christmas season, though.

Also, I finished my very first *knitted* scarf today!!! I binded off and everything! (bound off?) I'll take pictures tomorrow and post them. I'm thinking it will be a Christmas present to JH, my brother's girlfriend. Currently in my life, I know at least three or four JH' this is kind of confusing.

Still need to finish BL's afghan, but now I'm pretty focused on finishing it, so hopefully it won't take long at all. And maybe it will end up being a lapghan. Coincidentally I'm making the brown and white striped afghan I started like a year ago, into a lapghan because frankly, I'm tired of it sitting unfinished in my closet =P

Haha, we might actually NOT stay up all night after all... negotiating around roommate is proving more unwarranted than necessary. We'll see what happens.