Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Can you believe I have never carved a pumpkin before?! Well, all that waiting paid off and I finally got to carve my first pumpkin!! (it's the kitty cat below...the Dia de los Muertos is Scott's)

My favorite part was definitely scooping out the pumpkin brains!! Luckily my fingers didn't freeze outside while carving because I found a warm gap in the day between the winds and the chill. Oh wait... lighting the candles inside the pumpkins for the first time might be my favorite part actually =)))

I owe great gratitude to Scott for being the know-how man on this project. It's always nice to have someone experienced help you out, especially as I kept bending the saw blade... <3 thanks goose!

Our Halloween festivities (besides carving pumpkins) included a party with Scott's coworkers, and perhaps a night downtown tonight...costume city, baby. I'm a flapper fortune teller (mostly because I didn't have all the garments for a fortune teller) and Scott is a fate master who reads tarot cards. If we go out tonight I'll definitely post a picture =)