Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shop Hop Round Up

Geez Louise, Bozeman was so NEAT! I think the last time I visited Bozeman was for a football game in high school, and I definitely didn't have the chance to look around or even appreciate the town.

may2011 001

The yarn stores alone, oh my, were incredible. The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place and Stix Yarn Co. have amazing space dedicated for yarn and books, as well as for classes and knit/crochet groups. And the ladies inside were so nice! I have never seen a yarn store like these ones and I wish we had one in Missoula!

may2011 003
The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place

At the Yarn Shop, I bought two skeins: one Patons Canadiana, which I've never heard of, and one Cascade 128 because I liked the color (which is lime green).

may2011 039
This was made in Canada

may2011 040
Free yarn!

And for participating in the Shop Hop, the Yarn Shop gave me a skein of cotton yarn! It will be perfect for socks, as soon as I learn how to knit them.

After the Yarn Shop, we walked to Stix Yarn Co

may2011 015

and saw this:

may2011 004
Yarn Bombing!

may2011 006

may2011 007

may2011 008

may2011 010

may2011 011
This is my favorite. It has an aquatic feeling to it

may2011 013

Stix is my favorite yarn store so far! The yarn bombing alone makes it number one in my book. But, the store was very neat inside as well. It's two stories underground; one of those levels dedicated primarily for knitting gatherings with couches. I am in love with this store. AND they have a yarn swap, where customers bring yarn, books, needles to sell and receive credit for their sale. We saw a bunch of sock yarn, which tempted me, but I didn't buy any. I did buy a few Patons pattern books (from the 80s, and have those baggy, sack-like sweaters in it...hehehe) and .......

via knitpicks

ohmygosh!!! I've eyed this book online and in stores for awhile but was still intimidated by the whole sock thing to buy it. But when I saw it in the yarn swap at Stix, it was a sign. Here goes nothing.

I heart Bozeman!