Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock Creek

On Saturday, Scott and I spent some time exploring Rock Creek and surrounding areas. It was probably the one day this weekend that was actually warm and sunny.

may2011 035
Turah valley

may2011 042
I love these trees!

I almost positive this is a pine that loses its needles each winter. Trouble is, I'm not sure what they are called. I'm pretty sure they are Tamaracks (according to Wikipedia, they are called Tamarack Larch, which I thought was two separate trees).

All the rivers are so high! We've been comparing them the last few weekends when we've gone out of town. We found a neat scenic trail around Rock Creek, and it was FLOODED.

may2011 053

may2011 055

may2011 060
The water was so high at one point that it carried grass over the boardwalk

may2011 063
The grass looks like feathers, doesn't it?

may2011 082

may2011 069
Mud trail on boardwalk

Driving further into Rock Creek we found a death bridge:

may2011 087

I am scared to bejeezus of heights, but it's really hard to pass up something like this.

may2011 099

Scott took some hilarious (not) photos of me inching my way over it. Each step made the bridge bounce and the middle board on the bridge was seriously warping. Why do movies always have bridge planks break??! That was the only thing I could think about.

may2011 097
What we found on the other side

may2011 098

may2011 091

may2011 101
Look at this goof

may2011 105

It was such a fun weekend, with Bozeman on Friday, hiking/ goofing off on Saturday, and relaxing on Sunday. Hope you all had an awesome weekend too!