Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Yarn

It has taken me too long to write this post. Especially since my birthday was in February. Heh heh

mat2011 019

I received this yarn from Scott's parents, via gift certificate to Joseph's Coat! I waited for over a month to look at yarn there because I wanted to move into our new place first. The waiting was horrible because yarn-ogling is my favorite, but I knew I probably wouldn't have time to start a project with it before we moved, and it would be one thing less to have to pack.

I love Cascade 220! and I have a feeling that some of these hanks will become hats and mittens.

mat2011 015

I really love the purple next to the mint

And this was my first ever yarn purchase online! This yarn was part of the ball winder bundle from Knit Picks (and I am still very, very pleased with the ball winder!) :

mat2011 008

mat2011 013

The blue yarn is actually more of a dark purple, but it looks blue in the photo. This is Wool of the Andes and it was really inexpensive so I thought I'd give it a shot. Buying yarn online is unlike buying it in person. For one, you don't have the experience of touching the yarn. And it's hard to judge what the actual color will be against the thumbnail. But I am glad I purchased this yarn and if I enjoy knitting with it, I will probably buy more in the future =)