Monday, May 16, 2011

FO: Slouchy Stripes, a hat

may2011 046

2011 Knit Challenge: 17 Knit, 43 to go!

may2011 044

This hat began as another striped scarf, but when I saw the white and purple yarn together, I decided I wanted those colors to really stand out. And on a scarf, they get kind of lost among the other colors.

may2011 045

The white yarn is Berroco Cuzco that I purchased for my first Hearts Amore hat so long ago. And I honestly can't remember what the purple yarn is... I purchased it sometime last fall when I crocheted a hat for camping. I will tell you what, though, it is not a fun yarn to knit with. The yarn is fuzzy and you can't really distinguish individual strands. And when I would pull the yarn taut, it would sometimes break. Luckily every time it did break (about three or four times) I was left with a long enough tail to be able to sew the end in. Otherwise I would've had to back track and take a few inches of stitches out in order to secure the tail.

US 7 for ribbing and US 8 for the hat. The 8s are new! I bought them from Joseph's Coat but they're Harmony from KnitPicks. Aren't they beautiful??

via Knitpicks
And they are so pointy! I had to be careful when pushing yarn from the ends, because those points can really tear up your finger pad.