Monday, May 16, 2011

FO: Ribbed Pillbox

may2011 051

2011 Knit Challenge: 16 Knit, 44 to GO!!!!!

This is actually a pattern from 60 Quick Knits, which was part of my original 2011 knit challenge. The reverse stockinette edge at the top of the hat is a little puckered, I wonder if I knit too tightly? I'm hoping that with more wear it'll relax a bit.

may2011 049

I almost ran out of yarn! I used Patons something or other that was left over when I was knitting the Ugly Cowl (which is no more). I'm glad I didn't run out of yarn and I'm glad that I was able to use it for this hat.

We are almost halfway through the year, but I'm not even close to being halfway through my knitting list! I've got to step it up.