Thursday, May 5, 2011

FO: Striped Scarf

may2011 012

2011 Knit Challenge: 14 knit, 46 to go!

I have been wanting to knit a striped scarf since I saw some cute ones a few Christmas seasons ago. I noticed they were basically tubes with their ends sewed shut. And that is the basis for how I knit my scarf.

may2011 028

may2011 029

may2011 030

CO 60 stitches
US 7 Hiya Hiya circular

The color scheme goes something like this (with fifteen rows of each, and Aran in between each color):

-Dusty Rose (or something like that. It's Wool Ease)
-a Dark Purple (maybe Royal)

All the other yarns I used are Patons Classic Wool.

I do have another color scheme in mind, something with less Aran and more rainbow! Scarf to come.

may2011 026

At first I was going to knit a Waldo-esque scarf, just red and white stripes. But then I saw a few different shades of purple and pink yarn on my shelf and thought they looked really great together. I was able to use up some of my stash yarn without needing to buy more. Ultimately, I did have to purchase more Aran and dark purple because I ran out during their sections. Not bad though!

may2011 023

This should be a super warm scarf for winter! Double layered and really wide, it will block the wind and snow. I am almost looking forward to winter just so I can wear it... almost.

may2011 007