Monday, May 2, 2011

One week left. One week until I graduate (not technically). One week and I am no longer Occupation: Student. It feels very weird. But I am reeeeaally looking forward to sleeping all morning and knitting/ reading all night...and occasionally working my part time job (finished HP and the Goblet of Fire).

Speaking of knitting, here's a peek at what I'm working on:

mat2011 006

I am almost finished! Hint: I have to wait until October to wear it.

I downloaded Google's Picasa so I can resize images. If you notice, the new photo in my header is beyond huge. But isn't the blossom beautifully detailed? I am working on making it smaller. Has anyone used Picasa? I probably should have researched it more before downloading it to my computer. OK... as it turns out, I didn't need Picasa because there's an option on Blogger to size to fit your photo...oops. It didn't resize the photo so much as automatically crop the extra length out. Don't worry, I'll get it right still. You want to know something really cool about Picasa though? Like Flickr, it knows what sort of camera you used to take the photo, but Picasa also knows all the specs! Like, the aperture and zoom and date and stuff. I think that's really handy for someone like me, who is trying to take better photos and now can easily see what the settings were and how it could be improved.

In other developments, one of our neighbors stopped by last night to give us a welcome gift!

mat2011 010
Cute, huh?
I think she was just curious about the house, since it's been unoccupied for years. I thought I'd get around to repotting it this morning, but darn picture uploading took longer than I thought. Our landlord said it was ok to plant a garden and flowers in the lawn, there really isn't a good spot. Plus, I am not the greatest with plants so I'd feel really bad if I tore up the lawn for nothing. So I think I'll set it on the front steps.

mat2011 007
Egg baby update. His hair is really flying!

Well, that is about all the news I have. I checked out five books from the library to help with my last ever essay !!! I have one week to write this essay. zoinks.