Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just so my head's straight, which it never is, I have knit 9 things so far, and have 51 to go in order to reach my goal of 60 knit things by 2012 (! eek).

And I'm afraid reaching 10 knit things is going to be a major struggle (Major Struggle... have you seen that episode in How I Met Your Mother, when Robin and Ted salute anything major or general? We started doing it too, and now I can't stop). I'm working on a scarf (since February actually) and also a baby blanket. Unfortunately, both projects are very time consuming with not a lot to show. I do love the baby blanket and as soon as I finish a few more rows, I'll post pictures. And yes, it is for someone very special <3

Today, I have finally woken from hibernation: I went for a small jog with my new running shoes at the school gym. All I have to say is, boy. Was that ever a winter of indulgence. And now it's time for the spring of ....... I'm not sure what kind of spring it will be. On the bus I thought the "spring of lean" and then all I could think about was "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean..." and then I thought of it no more. 

Wellllll....it's not going to be entirely a spring of lean, as I am enjoying a nice tall glass of HEAVY HORSE! from Big Sky Brewing. I filled two growlers. 


I hope everyone enjoyed the sun while it was out today =)

T minus 11 days until we move!!!